Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Hope You Have A Child JUST Like You ....

It's the curse of mother's everywhere, "I hope one day you have a kid JUST LIKE you." I can see Eve, finger wagging at Cain and Abel, exclaiming, "Oh. My. Goodness. You two. I hope one day you have kids just like you so you'll know what I go through."

My mother certainly wished one on me. I know she is laughing daily. My turn will come.

Today there was mucho-discussiono about whether Kevin, Josh and Ellie would go with me this afternoon to shop (coupon day, you know). Every single time I take anyone with me coupon shopping I swear it will be the last time that happens. And yet, my brain cells fry when I get home and I do it all over again.

Of course, I want to record this day for Ellie when she gets older and reads over her early years.

The child has lungs made of the same stuff Stretch Armstrong was made off -- they can fill to uber-capacity and then she can scream at the top of her lungs for hours and usually in the middle of a store or the middle of the night (as in last night for over an hour). As of late, she wants everything to go her way or there is an all out scream festival. The thing that will set her off the loudest and longest is if I don't CARRY HER through the entire store, while wrangling coupons and trying to think about if something is a good deal.

We lived through it in CVS. When we went into Walgreens, she and Kevin sat in the car -- until she threw a fit and he decided to come in. She had multiple screaming hissies in there. Target was the coupdegras and the store that caused me to give it up and go home. But not before strapping her in her car seat and issuing the proclamation, "I hope one day you have a little girl who acts JUST LIKE YOU DO."

If I didn't know better, I'd swear we had already hit the terrible twos. The girl is headstrong and wants everything her way. At home, I just ignore her and go about my way (for example tonight when she threw a fit over my not giving her any peanuts). It's a bit harder in the middle of a store when people obviously think there is a murder being carried out in the diaper aisle.

This too shall pass -- and much too quickly I'm sure -- wait, what am I saying?? This stage cannot pass too quickly!

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Mayme said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. I hope that my girl (and boys) have kids just like them. Brady, with his slow pace and care free, fly by the seat of his pants attitude! Ashton with his constant teasing and aggravating. Emma with her TEMPER. So I understand your sentiments and echo them!