Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kroger Update

I finally made my trek back over to my "friendly" (not) local Kroger to discuss my visit from Saturday night. You'll recall that I had less than stellar service and that I was over charged somewhere between $10-$15.

I arrived and asked for a manager. It took a while, but when he came down he listened to my story of my experience. I explained that I didn't want those kids to get in trouble but that if it were my son working there, I'd want someone to explain to him that this is not how things are done and that I felt like they might have opened a regular lane for checkout since I had so much stuff and they weren't doing anything other than texting, scratching lottery tickets and visiting with their friends.

He took my receipt, looked it over, looked at a sale paper, looked confused, asked the customer service woman what the "deal" was for Saturday and then told me he didn't know how much I was due back. I told him it was either $10 or $15, but that I would be fine with the $10 since neither of us knew. He took the receipt, handed it to the woman and said, 'Give her a gift card', shook my hand and left. He didn't say he was sorry -- nothing.

So, my point is that I won't be bothering the folks at that Kroger again. The customer service level at Publix and Harris Teeter are so incredibly different that I would rather spend my money there. The people there are actually pleasant, friendly and helpful. I work hard for my money. If I've got to spend it, I'd like to at least enjoy the process.

I will say, HOWEVER, that Kroger (at least in Middle Tennessee) is having a 50% off sale on Friday. You can see the link here for the items that will be on sale if you are in this area. It's mainly Keebler, Kelloggs and some other things like Kroger bacon, Tyson entrees, batteries and light bulbs. I might take advantage of it, but I can tell you for certain it will not be at the Kroger I was at on Saturday.


Khakismum said...

Sorry you had such a miserable time at your Kroger, and from the manager no less! I like mine, just got back actually! Too bad yours doesn't get the customer service idea. I have noticed it depends upon the store how your service is. One Kroger nearby I only go into only if I HAVE to (driving by it on the way home needing something), the other one is a destination. It's amazing what 5 miles distance will do!

Lori said...

I'd totally go corporate on Kroger...that's what I did with Babies R Us in Waldorf because they STINK and the manager, much like your manager, doesn't even care. We'll see what corporate does. After that...letter to the editor will be coming!

sec. word? in, "I'd be FAR more than *stern* with them at this point!"