Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Catchy title. I seem to be out of words today.

Tuesdays, this summer, have been "Mom and Josh" day. We go to see the Free Movies around town on those days. Ellie is at MDO from 9-2 and that gives us just the right amount of time to do that, plus one or two errands if we need to.

Today we saw, Hoodwinked. I thought the theatre was showing Evan Almighty (which we have seen), and I was really excited about that. Turns out I was wrong. I was not excited about seeing Hoodwinked. To be honest, I didn't even have a clue what it was about, but it turns out it was probably just what I needed -- a lot of downright silly humor that made me laugh out loud. I think I'd probably like to see it again at home some time.

Afterwards, we ran into a couple of blogging friends who had taken their kids to the fountains to play. Next week, I'm going to bring Ellie to play in the fountains if it is warm and pretty so she can hang out with her friends.

I enjoy my "Just Josh" day. As much as I love Ellie and love being with her, I know that Josh misses the times before she came when it was just he and I. This is a nice compromise -- some one on one time.

Of course, after we came home, we started in on his room. OY! OY! OY! Eleven year old boys should just have a locker to live in. There were food wrappers stuffed under the bed, behind the bed, dirty clothes crammed in places I didn't know they would fit and a nice powdery film all over everything where he'd apparently played in the powder one day.

It took forever to get that room presentable, but it is now and I'm VERY HAPPY about that. I moved on over to Ellie's room and got all the stuff out that I'd been storing in her closet for the Encores and More North consignment sale. It's coming up very soon. Josh got a lot of him toys out too. I told him he could get his own consignor number and have the money he made from his stuff. It was a pleasant way to clear some things out of that room!!

So, we are making some progress at getting things cleaned out. It's a nice feeling to see a clean room after a lot of hard work. Nana is coming on Thursday. I'm sure she'll be glad to see the room she stays in is clean -- for a change.
Tomorrow -- back to work.


LaLa said...

So good seeing you today..seems we just kept missing each other! Email about next week if you are going...

Rachel said...

That's awesome...I love one-on-one time with the kids. I was actually just thinking this morning about getting a babysitter for Scarlett so I could take Alex to see Ice Age. Good times.