Saturday, February 9, 2008

Basketball and Great Helpers

Friday night Joshua's friend Braiden spent the night and went with us to Joshua's basketball game on Saturday morning.

What a great game. We played one of the Jo Byrns teams and our team came from behind a 9 point lead and tied it up. We almost went into overtime, but in the last minute, the other team scored and we lost by two points. Josh played well again today, scoring and defending well.

Afterward, we went to Lowes to get some shelving for Joshua's room so that we could move his toys from the room that is going to be Ellie's back into his room. We then had to go to Walmart to get some storage tubs to put all my craft things into to get them out of Ellie's room as well. Eventually, we will build up the floor in the garage area/office and we have cabinets to put in there for our computers and crafts, but right now, Ellie's room has to get done because we have to have photos for our dossier.

While we were at Walmart, the boys wanted to play in the game room (surprise there!) and we "cut a deal" that we would give them money and in exchange they would have to clean the deck and back yard when we got home. What a bargain for us *smile* as we got some serious deck cleaning done for $6.50. Since the deck and yard were pretty messy, this was not as great a deal for them as for us.

After all the work, we grilled hamburgers and then went to church for the choir fellowship. We spent a long time playing Phase 10 (and losing I might add). The boys played basketball, baseball and then joined in on Phase 10 toward the end. Thank goodness Joshua didn't play earlier or all of us would have been hurting. That boy can win some cards!

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