Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We've been gathering money for pizzas for a few days now and have just been putting them in an envelope on the fridge. Today, we got a package from Susan with checks and then I met Carla tonight to get her checks. I decided I should sit down and calculate the checks, start to make the deposits and see if I still needed to collect any more.

I told Carla Sunday night that at some random point in the next week I would burst into tears as the impact of this sale hit me. And it just did. I had to quit adding up the checks because as I sat here seeing name of friends I knew and loved and the names of people in our community that I don't know, who had written "Latham Adoption Fund" on their checks, I became overwhelmed with gratitude that strangers would support our adoption of a little girl in another country.

Latham Adoption Fund -- that's us. This is real. This is unreal. This is close.

There are checks from all over a five county area. I realize that each slip of paper I held is tangile proof of a promise fulfilled from God that He would provide for us when He called us back in August 2005. It makes me feel so humble, so awed at a God who provides for our hearts' desires as well as our needs and appreciative beyond what words can adequately express for the support of those who gave of their money to buy pizzas and cookie dough to give a little girl a better life.

Thank you, everyone of you.

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