Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pizza Fundraiser Coming to an End

As many of you know, over the last month, we have been selling Little Caesar's Pizza Kits as one of our adoption fundraisers. We are coming near the end of the fundraiser and will be collecting order forms and money this Sunday and Monday and turning in our order for delievery on Thursday.

We were required to sell 100 kits, and I don't know for certain how many we have sold yet as I have fliers here, there and everywhere. I feel certain we have sold 85. There are several people, however, I don't have a number for so we are VERY CLOSE to our goal of selling 100 kits.

If you are interested in purchasing a pizza kit before our deadline, there is a link here (this is a PDF file of the flier that we are handing out -- scroll down a couple of pages to get to the form)that shows what kits are available (there is also cookie dough, pie kits, cheesy bread, dip kits, gourmet spice kit and gourmet salad kits. Each pizza kit (unless it's personal pan pizzas) makes three pizzas. And while we are selling these, I will say this is my FAVORITE product to buy. Anytime anyone is selling these I get several kits. They are easy to make, taste good and are reasonably priced. Each kit has three pizzas and a pepperoni kit is $18. It's very comparable to what I would pay for pizzas from the grocery. The cheesy garlic bread (Crazy Bread, I think it is called) is probably sinful, it tastes so good. I have not tried the cookie dough, so I cannot comment on that, but if it is as good as the pizza kits, it is a good product.

You can email me at if you need/want more information. A special thank you to each person who sold or purchased a product and a very special thank you to Carla C. who suggested the sale and has co-ordinated all of it for me (which has made it a VERY enjoyable fundraiser!).

Ellie is truly a lucky girl to have an entire community working so hard to bring her to our country to be part of our lives. And we are more lucky to call all these people friends.

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jill said...

Hi! I work at the headquarters of Little Caesars Pizza Kits and would love to talk to you about your fundraiser (and work with you to make it as easy as possible!). I'd also love to hear about your adoption and hear how it's going for your family. What an exciting time for you! When it's convenient for you, could you call me at our toll-free number 888-452-5487 before you place your final order? Ask for Jill (I'm the only one here). I'd really like to help you have a successful fundraiser.