Sunday, February 10, 2008

Transitioning a Junk Room to a Nursery

As I mentioned earlier, some of the photos we have to include in our dossier are to be of Ellie's room. Since her room is currently the toy storage/craft/ironing board/junk storage room, it was not a project I really was looking forward to. Now, mind you, I'm all about getting her room ready, but the daunting task of figuring where to PUT all this stuff was more than I wanted to do.

However, today, I jumped in head first. Actually, it was body first because I needed more than just a head to tackle this room. I really should NOT include before photos of the room because it's quite embarrasssing to show the world what this room looks like but the "Ooohs and Aaahs" after completion can't be as fun if there is no "before".

Now, there will not be an "after" for a while. This is much more than a one day project. It took the one day to just box up the crafts and sort through the clothes that I've been buying Ellie for three years. All the items that are bigger than 12 months have now been put in a storage box for later. There are a LOT because when I thought Ellie was coming from China, I thought she would be close to a year old so we bought nothing smaller than 12 months. We hope to assemble her furniture and paint over the next week to two weeks.

Many of the things I've been purchasing, I had forgotten about, but amazingly enough I remember where I got each one, what stage of the adoption we were in and my feelings as I bought each one. I remember purchasing some onesies, baby blanket and bib from TJ Maxx right after we decided to go with a domestic adoption and when we thought we would be bringing home a baby of any gender. Then when we moved on to the China adoption, I purchased a cute little ladybug outfit for her. I have found secret pal gifts from over the three years that I had forgotten about getting, but that are so special to me now that I have unearthed them again.

As I held each item that I had purchased through the years, I knew that soon the Ellie that we had not imagined, but God had, will soon be home and wearing the clothes, playing with the toys, fulfilling the dream that we have carried around of her for years.

I had been so reticent of taking out the things before and going through them all because it made the pain of not having her home so much harder. But now, it is so exciting to go through it all and make it ready for her. It was such a sweet time to hold these things and remember and walk back through the past year and know that we are close. There is something permanent about removing tags and taking toys out of boxes that makes it seem "real."

So, in an effort of full disclosure, here are some "befores".

I took some of the most special things and put them on the shelves of the armoire just to enjoy looking at them while I work on the room. Kevin's comment was that it was pretty, but "not really practical." Ah ... my practical husband. *smile*

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Jackie said...

It's so hard to get started on 'the room', isn't it? But once you get started, it almost becomes invigorating. I still remember preparing Little Squirt's room.

I can't wait to see the finished room. I'm sure it will be lovely!!