Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home - Happy Groundhog's Day

This photo was taken on my last day in South Carolina. I'm CERTAIN there is a message for me here. *smile*

With much hard work behind me and a long, wet trip, I made it home Thursday evening at 10:30.

Both Kevin and Joshua were surprised as I hadn't told them I was coming home on Thursday night. Since school had been out for two days and possibly would be out on Friday, I knew Kevin really needed to get back to work and make up for lost time, so I made the decision to come home a day earlier. Granted, I was awfully tired as well so it was good to get home a little early.

The trip home was hard as it rained pretty much all the way and there was a bad patch of rain and fog going over Monteagle Mountain. I pretty much crashed early Friday night (9 p.m.) and slept until nearly 9 a.m. this morning.

Now comes the exciting task of entering all these jobs. Fortunately, I can do those from home.

Thanks so much for all who prayed for me during my trip as well as during my travels to and from there as well. We are a little closer to getting Ellie home.

On another note, today is an interesting day for me in two ways. My friend Dianne's brother, Len (aka Smiley) has a birthday today. Additionally, the first movie Kevin and I ever watched together was Groundhog Day.

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