Sunday, February 17, 2008

EXHAUSTED - Adoption Updates

So most of you who read this just really want to know what's going on in adoption world, so I'll hit the highlights and move on to the details later.

  • USCIS has received our I600A Petition to Adopt. We have received our receipt and hope to receive a letter with our fingerprint appointment the first of next week. Our receipt indicates it could take up to 8 weeks after fingerprinting to get our I171H.
  • We have requested police clearance letters (they are at Dianne's house), medical forms for Kevin and I and will drop off Joshua's this week, and we will request new employment letters this week. When these three things are done, we will have all the documents we need for our dossier (with the exception of the above mentioned I171H from USCIS). We will take all the documents to have them notarized.
  • We got Ellie's room pretty much done this weekend -- the big stuff, that is. Her room is painted, furniture is assembled and arranged in the room. We have ordered the bedding nad expect to receive it mid week this week. Because we have to have photos of it for our dossier, we will take the photos and then continue to use it for storage while the floor is built in the office and the cabinets that are sitting in boxes throughout the house(some in the living room, some in the garage, some here, some there) are installed. Then we can move my craft things to the office (former garage) and Ellie's room will be ready. Kevin is figuring what we will need to build the floor up to the same level as the rest of the house. I suppose that will be our next pressing project. We just need this all to be DONE so when she comes home all we have to do is LOVE ON HER!!!

There are boxes of stuff all over the house. I'm just exhausted with it all. I know Kevin is too. We have to climb around boxes to get anywhere. I'm told it gets worse before it gets better -- oh, yeah.

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Allison said...

You're moving right along. Isn't it a great feeling knowing you are so close to being finished with paperwork?!?!