Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayers for Samantha

I've been so blessed during our adoption journey to be allowed to become part of so many lives I would have never been part of had we not "met" through adoption.

I've had the opportunity to pray for and see the successful heart transplant of Brea Wusterbarth (China). What a BLESSING that was. It is the reason that when I renewed my driver's license this year I chose to be an organ donor.

I have had the privilege of praying for a speedy homecoming for Reed Land (Taiwan). Following his journey as "Flat Reed" and now following as he grows up (and has over 6000 photos taken in 5 months or so) has been such a blessing to me.

I have been privileged to form friendships with Heather from Texas and follow along as she waits to bring home Samantha from Vietnam. Many of you got an email from me a few days ago asking for prayer for Samantha and her parents-to-be Heather and Charley. Samantha is in critical care in a hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam for pneumonia and other respiratory problems. Eleven more children from her orphanage are also hospitalized. One, I am sad to report, died a few days ago. WHAT A PRIVILEGE it is to be allowed to pray for this baby's health. I have continually prayed for this tiny child in a third world country who is battling for her life.

Who are we that we are not in her place? Why are we privileged to be born in a country with adequeate healthcare? Were Samantha here, she would be sick, yes, but this would not be life threatening like it is there. Each day her parents wait to hear something about her condition.

Please pray for Samantha and her parents. Let God bless you as much as he has me by praying for these children.

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