Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strep - Hopefully our Last Time

Little man has strep -- again. When I picked him up from school on Friday, he said that he didn't feel good and that they had taken his temperature at school but it was normal. We went into town for me to complete an inspection and then went over to Hobby Lobby to pick up his board for his science project. He told me that his throat had a spot that was itchy and sore, but he didn't have a headache or stomachache or fever. I debated taking him on over to the urgent care place next door, but decided we'd wait and see.

Saturday, AFTER playing basketball (I'm so sorry teammates!), he complained of being really tired, his throat still hurting and he wasn't hungry. Now, if my little man isn't hungry and is tired, he is sick because I never hear complaints about tiredness and lack of hunger!

We took a trip out to the urgent care and spent TWO HOURS there to get a strep test. We were the second person on the list when we got there so I can't imagine how long others waited. Bless his heart, he threw up after we got to the back and we had to be moved to another room. He fell asleep on the bed waiting to see the doctor. His little cheeks were so rosy with fever.

The doctor confirmed strep and gave us ten days' worth of antibiotics. That will take us up to seven days before we have his tonsils removed on March 12. As I told him, hopefully, this will be the last case of strep throat he has to endure.


Dee'Anna Midgett said...

I am know how you feel Josh!!! I did not have Strep but did have that Virus last Tuesday night and got put in the hospital for the day on Wednesday. I hope you get to feeling better. And pray that no one else will get it in the class room.
And by the way baby due date is March 23rd. Pray that it will come this week. I sure am tired of being a prego mom. Dee'Anna

Hilary Marquis said...

Poor guy...poor mommy! I hope he feels better soon, and that surgery goes well. Two of ours had to have tubes in their ears. Our only regret was that we didn't do it sooner.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Hope the little man feels better soon!