Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Homestudy Updated - Check

I feel like Suzanne over at Straight down the Mountain, whose blog I read a lot. She is adopting from Kyrgyzstan as well. Each job she gets done gets a great big checkmark.

SO..... it is with GREAT excitement that I announce that our homestudy is DONE and waiting to be picked up. As soon as I pick up Joshua, we are zooming into Nashville to pick it up. I filled out a couple of grant applications last night and we will mail those off this week. These would surely help with that last little bit we need to put a big check mark beside "financing". I know God will provide just as He has so far.

Our social worker is overnighting our I-600A application so they will get it tomorrow. We will have to be re-fingerprinted and then will wait anxiously on our I171H. That is the only foreseeable hold-up at this point. I don't know how long USCIS will take to process it.

Still need to gather medicals, police clearances and employment letters (Again) and get everything notarized and authenticated and I'll be ready to type, "Dossier - CHECK". :-)

In other news, the "K" key is missing on my computer. It popped up and I've had the HARDEST time trying to get it back on so I'm without "k". Do you know how many words have the letter "K" in them? Kyrgyzstan??? Kevin???? *sigh*

And then, yesterday, the modem for our internet went out. It's seven years old so it was probaby time, but being without internet has been a bit challenging -- even for 24 hours.

I am down to ony 42 more jobs to enter from my 770 from the South Carolina trip. I will be so glad to have that done so I can more on to other things.


Allison said...

Yeah!! Great news! You're making quick progress. Not too much longer and you'll be finished with paperwork. What a great feeling!

Jennifer's Family said...

Wow, that is great news! You're making fast progress! How exciting!

~ Jennifer / www.thisisnow.org

Anita said...

WOOHOO!!! So glad to hear the homestudy is done for you guys. Would you believe ours JUST got finished? UGH!!! It won't be long and you'll have that dossier checked off too!! HUGS!