Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow ?? Day

This morning at 5 a.m. we got a call from our school system's new automated calling system letting us know school would be out today. WOW! So early. I think I'm the only person who even woke up when the phone rang. I partially listened and went right back to sleep.

Now, those of you who live up north, PLEASE try to contain your laughter at this photo of the amount of snow that has cancelled school today. Granted, the roads were probably icy early this morning but Kevin made it to work fine and around lunch I made it to the doctor's office just fine. We are going two hours late tomorrow. Fortunately, they called tonight on this one.

So, Joshua and two of his friends spent the whole morning playing in what little white stuff they could find. When I got Joshua to come home to shower before we had to leave, his entire body was beet red. I think he should have come in a little sooner.

I dropped off our medical forms at the doctor's office this afternoon and got that ball rolling. Our police clearance letters are ready to be picked up. Check! I need to draft Kevin's employment letter as well as mine and email those off for signatures. Hopefully, we can get those by mid-week nex week. I also hav to send off Joshua's medical letter request to his pediatrician so they can get started on that. Should I be really efficient, I might be able to gather all of these items next week. That's the goal.

We are moving along....

So to follow the story along the sideline. In the first photo we have Joshua all bundled up to begin the snow day.

Photo two shows "the crew". Don't they just LOOK like trouble waiting to happen?

Photo three shows lots of excitement about sledding but NOT a lot of snow -- which is imperative for sledding.

Finally, in photo four, they have given up and have taken to ROLLING themelves down the hill.
This basically only resulted in muddy clothes and really, really cold bodies!

Ah, to be ten again.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Looks like they had fun anyway. I think we got a tad more snow over our direction.

Terri said...

Hey..we got nothing down here! :), but we would have had a snow day too had we gotten that much..or that little...snow! LOL Love the 'rolling' pic. Funny!