Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yeah, we got the snow day I wished for. Josh is STILL running a fever, albeit much lower than before. We are down in the 99-100 range now. He was distraught that several of his friends called for him to come play in the snow and I wouldn't let him go "spread the love" (aka the flu) with them.

I relented and we did go out for about 15 minutes and he got to sled a little. I'm sure it wasn't good sound medical advice, but, hey, he has the flu, it can't get a lot worse (well, I guess it COULD). He's also a ten-year-old-boy and this was a pretty good snow. I only managed to capture a few photos. I was too busy sledding with him.

Tonight I feel funky. I'm a bit achy (a lot achy) and my head hurts. I'm off to bed because I absolutely have to work in the field tomorrow.

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