Friday, February 8, 2008

China Adoption - We are "In Review"

When your dossier goes to China, you wait a LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time (currently) before anyone even looks at your paperwork. So, paperwork that we compiled and put together in September 2006 and sent in November 2006 has just now gone into the review room for someone to comb through and see if all is well and if we truly qualify or if they need additional information. Sometimes a month will go through review quickly -- other times it takes a while.

Our dossier is currently in the review room. This does NOT, sadly, make our referral come any faster, but it does feel like a little progress is being made. I'm going to include some photos that I saved from quite a while back of the CCAA building, the Review Room and the Dossiers in China. I don't remember where I got them from (some website a long time ago), but I remember thinking it was interesting and I saved them.

China Center of Adoption Affairs Building
Entrance Sign to CCAA

Matching room (where individuals match dossiers to paper-ready children)
Another view of the matching room (note the photos pinned on the wall behind the worker)
Dossier storage area -- each one of these represents a family, a dream and a hope for a child
Dossier storage area

Transporting dossiers from storage to matching

So while we prepare to bring home Ellie from Kygryzstan, on some desk in China, when they return from Chinese New Year, our file will be being reviewed and placed into storage for who knows how long.


Allison said...

I hope you make it through review quickly. I know it will still be a long time before you are matched, this is still one more step of progress.
Love the new blog design!

Lady in Waiting said...

Amazing, isn't it?? And we still believe they try to match you by looks - our Chloe REALLY does have some of our "Bilby" characteristics!!! God is Good!