Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thank you Pizza-Selling Friends!!!!

I can't say how appreciative I am to each of the people who have taken their (precious) time and energy to sell pizza kits for us. I am SO EXCITED to report that at final total all of these wonderful people sold

204 Pizza Kits!!

I honestly was worried that we'd make 100 kits and we more than doubled that. Of course, this would not have been possible without the work of many people selling and many more people buying. So, I hope I don't leave out anyone who sold, but if I did, I am very sorry!
Thank you to:
Carla, Sale Organizer
Tracey, who sold the MOST kits!!
Mike and Maggie
and all the people at church who helped out!

We are that much closer to bringing Ellie home! I will never forget all the help we have received in this process.

And, on the paperwork/dossier front, we have made photos of the kitchen and dining areas. Hopefully, I can get the living room in order this week (after my sick little man gets well and moves off the couch) and then the three bedrooms upstairs. We have photos of the front and rear of the house and our family photos so that portion of the dossier can be done.

I wonder if Ellie has been born? I wonder how her birth mom is doing? I wonder what her (the birth mom's) life is like. I know she cannot fathom what a community on the other side of the world is doing to welcome her daughter to their country. I can't begin to imagine the decisions she is making right now and how she is feeling. I sit here wondering if across the world it is Monday morning and she is waking up and feeling Ellie move around in her. I wonder if she has a job, a family, a home. I wonder when she knew the decision she would have to make about her daughter. I hope, somehow, she could know how much her daughter is wanted and loved already. I wish she could see in my heart to know how much I will love, cherish and care for her daughter and how much I know this sacrifice is costing her emotionally.

I wish she didn't have to hurt and lose in order for me to gain and love.

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