Monday, July 21, 2008


I am in Macon, Georgia, which must be code word for the Hottest Place in the World.

Normally, I can do well over 100 inspections in a day on a project, but today, I only managed to get 75 done.

At one point today, I looked up to the thermometer in the car and it read 126*! Now, I know that this number is elevated probably from the vehicle being on the asphalt, but I know the forecast indicated the heat index here would be 107*.

I don't want to sound like a whiner, but I am going to anyway -- I just can't walk around houses quickly in this kind of heat.

Our AO friends are in Kyrgyzstan and are picking up their babies TOMORROW!!! I am so excited for them. As my friend (and hopeful travel mate) A. says, If I'm this excited for them, I can't imagine how excited I'll be when it's my time. Amen, sister!!

The judge in Tokmok will be back at work in one week. I am hopeful he will have court for our babies next week. As I was experiencing this incredibly hard heat, I got to wondering what the heat is like at the orphanage. I'm hopeful to get a report from some of the folks who are currently there as to the temperatures.

Josh and Kevin played golf on Sunday after church, so Josh was very excited. Kevin said he did really well doing something that Kevin has never been able to do -- something to do with chipping. Can you tell I don't golf? Today, Josh went to my friend Iris' house to play with Jesse and Ben. Apparently, Ben was very excited to have Josh come over so he could have someone to ride bikes with. I know Josh had a good time because he is all about playing. Tonight is his first football practice for the season -- without pads. He goes back to the doctor for his follow-up on his tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on Thursday. I just spoke with Kevin who gave me the updates on who is playing football this year. There were some new surprising players, but every year there are. It is always fun to watch the boys start out as individuals and then come together as a team before the season is over. I think Kevin said their are 27 players. We have a new head coach this year. I loved our last coach and I love our new coach, so I just can't complain at all. I think it's so important that Josh's coaches be people who are going to expect a lot from him and motivate him. His coaching staff this year will definitely do that.

So.... I'm off to do some paperwork. I'd like to shower and go to sleep early tonight. I went to bed late, got up really early (as I had to make a Wal-mart run to get a printer cable) and started working at 8. The heat made me tired too, so....

I'm terribly excited that tomorrow I might have new photos of Ellie-belly!! YAYAYAY.

So, has anyone ever watched Shear Genius? I'm in a hotel room and there's a million channels and I'm stuck watching some reality hairdressing show. It's pretty funny. Coupled with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 shows that are coming up, I'm set.

Here's a photo of a dog I saw today. I kept telling him to give me the ball (which I THOUGHT he had in his mouth). Turns out, when he finally dropped it, that it was a green apple, one which he promptly ATE. He had several while I was at his home taking photos. Crazy!

It's 8:45 in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday. Families are likely waiting on their drivers and are heading to pick up babies. What a wonderful feeling that has to be!!! I'm so excited for them. I'm going to sleep so that when I wake up I'll be able to read about their exciting times!!


Jeanne said...

Maria, here's a link for Bishkek weather that I've got on my blog:

Hoping for something happy awaiting you in the morning!

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