Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Macon" Tracks

Here's some funnies about Macon:
  • Their baseball team is called Macon Music.
  • Their swim team is called Macon Waves.
  • Their former ice hockey team was called Macon Whoopee
  • Another ice hockey team here was called Macon Tracks

All this research is Macon me tired. Yes, I know, GROAN.

I'm in the last stages of finishing up this project and I'm glad. The last couple of days have not been bad. I've been working in Warner Robins, home of Robins Airforce Base. It's HUGE!!! Granted, I haven't been there, but I've driven by it. It's amazing to think of all the people that have to be employed to keep that place running.

I met a person who had retired from there. I stopped to take photos of his house. He is a 73 year old widower. I came by this information as he was airing up my tire. He noticed it was low and got out his air pump to fill it up for me. He checked all four for me, all the while telling me all about his life. I think he was lonely. It was very nice of him to do that for me, though.

I am very sad today for my friends, Bryan and Betsy, who are in Kyrgyzstan right now. I will leave it up to their blog (link on their names) to tell you what is going on with them, but I will say, having been where they are right now is not a place I would wish for any family to be in. It's a gut-wrenching place to be and there are no good answers for anyone. The guilt-level is huge; the uncertainty is so hard. It's a decision that will never leave you. It's a place that hurts and I am so sorry that they are hurting right now. They are very strong in their faith and I know God will see them through this process.

I am excited that I will be going home tomorrow. I miss my husband and son, my kitties and doggies, my bed and home cooking. I hate eating out lately. I just want to get back home to some healthy food.

I'm still awaiting photos of The Princess. I just got word that I should see some tomorrow. I'm so excited. I just looked at her last photos that Suzanne took while she was there (thank you, again, Suzanne!!) and it just seems unreal that this is my daughter, for goodness sakes. Shouldn't she be with me??? When I get back home, I need to call the pediatrician's office again and set up a phone consult to see if he will see us when she comes home. We are still very hopeful that court will happen next week and then 40 days later (30 day wait, 10 days for document prep) she will be HOME. Can you believe that? It just doesn't seem real. After all these years, we are bringing home our daughter. And, I will say that we are really all glad to have this part near over. We are so ready to find our new normal and to move forward with our lives and not be consumed with "all adoption, all the time".

I have promised Josh to take him to Six Flags KY Kingdom before school starts back. Somehow, early in the summer, I said we'd go early and stay all day and they could play in the water park and ride all the rides. WHY???? He reminds me of this DAILY. So, if there's anyone close by who wants to go with us and make it a day, let us know. I surely could use someone adult to talk to. *smile* Josh was seen by his doctor today and was given the "All Clear" on resuming normal activities. He is fine and fully recovered from his surgery. Thank you, God. We are glad to have all of that behind us.

So, I need to go, pack and get ready for check out in the morning.

Ok, so I interrupt this blog for a commercial. I was flipping through the TV channels. QVC is selling -- get this: 50gth Anniversary Speical Edition Plush Smurf with The Surfette DVD. Press his hand and, "La-la-lalalala." If you are interested, it's T-27401 for $19.45. AND, it comes in a collector's box. NOW, I remember the Smurfs and I am NOT 50 years old. So.... how did they come out when I was little and be 50 years old? I'm going to slip over to QVC and get a photo for you. Oh, so now they are telling me that the Smurfs started in BELGIUM 50 years ago. Anyway, the photo, for some reason, won't copy or save, so I can't upload it, but here's the link for the rest of you "80's kids" who remember watching it on TV.

I MUST change the channel -- quickly -- as they are now selling four 13" Classic character storybook pillows. They are pillows that unfold and are then a book. They are Babar, Arthur, Clifford and Franklin. They are each 10 pages and contain different stories. Too cute!!

Post update:
Shhhhh..... don't tell Kevin, I just ordered the pillow books. I think I will "give" it to Ellie this year as a Christmas present. (Can you believe it???) She won't know it, but it will be cool to have as she gets older. The pages won't rip; they'll double as entertainment AND a pillow. They are machine washable too. Another, yay! Here's the link if you want to see them yourself. They have now sold out. I'm glad I got them in time!!


Khakismum said...

Small world about Warner Robbins. My mom grew up there, my dad was stationed there when he met my mom, my grandmother was a civil servant on the base, she and lots of family are buried in WR or still live there. I can remember going down there LOTS! My grandmother had a house, that if you stood in the middle of the street and looked down it, you'd see the fence for the base. Now that is a million years ago in the '70s so who know what it is like now.

Jeanne said...

I notice you didn't mention that Macon is the home town of the Crump family! Yes, all of my DH's paternal ancestors originated there. But they've since moved away to Calif., Fla. and Miss. Still, coming out with the air pump sounds a lot like what my FIL would have done.

Lori said...

How much do you make me laugh?!! "Macon" me tired...priceless!

My dad and his new wife (I guess not all that new, almost 3 years) live there...well, live in Perry, work there. Maybe you can say hi to him for me, since I haven't talked to him in over a month. Ha ha.

And Smurfs??? 50 years? Not 50 either, but I sure do remember plotting ways to help Papa Smurf get rid of Gargamel, and to humanely turn Azrael (sp?) into a nice housecat! Memories...glad the princess is growing!