Monday, July 7, 2008

What a CRAZY day!

This post should be titled, "Two people who don't have a clue cannot have an intelligent conversation." That statement is worthy of printing out and posting it on my refrigerator or somewhere where I will see it frequently.

I was on my way home from the vet (see below for that story) and decided I could call my doctor's office to try to schedule our hepatitis shots. I'm big on multi-tasking, you see. I said to the person who answered the phone, "Hello, my name is ... and I see .... My husband and I are adopting and will go to pick our daughter up soon (nothing like positive thinking, right?). We told ... that we needed hepatitis shots and she said we could go to the health department, but we would like to come there to do it. Do we need to make an appointment?" She replies, "Is it for a child?" Huh? I say, "No, it's for my husband and me. We are adopting a child." She says, "Oh, yes, we have C here." I say, "Is that what we will need?" She says, "I don't know. We'll have to do a blood test you to see if you have it." I'm confused now. I say, "Well, no, we don't have hepatitis, but we want to make sure we don't get it as some adopted children come home with it." She says, "No, we need to draw your blood to see if you've had the shot." I pause, again, confused, and say, "Well, we haven't had shots, that's why I'm calling you." She said, "So, did you not get the immunization as a child?" AHHHH... light bulb. So I say, I'm not sure if we did or not. I am 40; my husband is 43. Were they giving those immunizations then?" She says, "I don't know." Ahhh... again. I said, "Well, I guess we'll need to check on that." She says, "Ok, well, we have B here." HUH? She said she had C. Which does she have? I'm confused again. So I just said, "Ummm... I'm going to check with my husband and get back with you." I'm still confused. I'm going to try again another day -- right after my mom checks to see if I was immunized as a child.

So... then there was the vet story for the day. Our dog, Sunshine, is old as dirt. She found us back in September 1999. She will have been with us nine years this fall. When she found us (we were out for a walk and she rambled home with us), she wouldn't hold her head up, her teeth were all ground down and I thought she was old then. Apparently not. We named her Sunshine because she is yellow and we thought she needed a name to sound happy since she didn't look so happy herself. In the past year, we've been thinking it is only a matter of time before we might have to make a hard decision about her future or that we'll find her dead one day. So, the past few days she's been acting crazy as a bug. She wants in; she wants out. She paces round and round the living room, making us tired watching her. She's been drooling like a teething baby. So, I look up the symptoms online and decide she is near the end. Now, Kevin is out of town; Josh hasn't left the house since his surgery on Wednesday and I'm wondering how to make this happen. My mom came to the rescue staying with Josh while I went to the vet. It was also Punch's day to have her stitches removed from her ear so I was doing double duty. Josh and I said our good-byes to Sunshine at home. I just knew she wouldn't be coming home. The joke's on me as she had an ear infection which is apparently causing her to be in pain (pacing and restless) and confused due to the ear thing. So, it was back to get her this afternoon.

Thank goodness Kevin is now home. I'm tired and ready to get some sleep!


Mayme said...

Hello Maria,

Thanks for the sweet words about our RA! We got our Hep A vaccines last week at the Frist Clinic and it went off without a hitch. They are filing it with our insurance, so I don't know if it will be covered or not, but I'm hopeful! Good luck with the shots.

Christina said...

Do you not think that our pets are like a furry version of a kid? When we got Molly fixed she acted crazy afterwards and we took her back to the vet and they said she is a "weenie" and needed more pain medication. She has been to the vet way more than our 4.5 year old child has. Keeping you in my thoughts today!

Kelli said...

I hope you get the hepatitus thing figured out. If you had them and it's been over 10 years, I would go ahead and get the boosters. But asking for the boosters may throw the poor thing over the edge!

Beth said...

Hi Maria,
FYI You may already know this but..Hepatitis (Inflamation of the liver)is a viral infection. There are vaccines for Hep A and Hep B. Hep A is transmitted by 'poop' or infected water, so its easier to be exposed. If the babies have it, chances are you will encounter it. We all know babies poop. I got the Hep B shots when I worked at the hospital since Hep B is usually transmitted by blood or body fluids. There was a cycle of 3 shots 1 month apart. I dont know if they still do that or if they have it down to 1 shot.