Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gift from Diane

OH!!! I almost forgot. Diane gave Ellie and I a present that she had made for us. Ellie got a lovely beaded bracelet to wear at her baby dedication. Then, creative Diane, told me that she could take it to a jeweler when she gets married and have them incorporate it into something new and it could become her "something old". Isn't that a wonderful idea?? Of course, I refuse to think about her growing up and getting married!!

And for me, she gave me prayer beads. As she pointed out, "They are not rosary beads, but along the same lines." They are to help you focus (ADHD!!) while you are praying be allowing each bead to stand for something or someone that you want to pray for. The most beautiful part of the brochure she gave me states, "It is suggested you pray ... in an unhurried pace, allowing the repitition to become a sort of lullaby of love and praise that enables your mind to rest and your heart to become quiet and still." Can you tell she "gets" me??? It was exactly what I need -- to focus, calm and be still.
I love both of them!!

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