Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leaving for Macon and Bargains!

Ahhhh... faithful readers will remember my "famous" last words about project work and how that last one in Georgia was absolutely the last one. Never say never as I am departing tomorrow for a week in Macon, Georgia to work on my last project (yah, right). I hated to leave with school still out but the due date on the work is too close to school starting back. Josh is staying with several friends through the week and going to MeeMee and DeeDee's house on Friday so he probably won't miss me at all. There is also a lot of talk about a golf game, a trip to the zoo and other daddy outings so I'm thinking they won't even know I'm gone.

If my friend Diane M. is reading, email me if you have free time this week. I might can squeeze in dinner one night. I would love to see you!!

Oh, and my good purchases for the day. I found a Bumbo chair, a Boppy pillow and cover and a Baby Einstein play mat on Craigslist. As it turned out, I was going to be working in the area where the girl lives and was able to meet her today to get them. All three items, $30. Those of you who have been pricing baby items lately will know that the Bumbo is around $40, the Boppy pillow runs between $35-$40, and the Baby Einstein play mat goes for $36 at Walmart. I was concerned about what shape they might be in, but they are in perfect condition. The lady had her baby with her and she was only seven months old so the items are pretty much new. YAY Craigslist!!
And, YAY!!! to my friend M. who is a HUGE Freecycler in another state. She managed to get not one, but TWO Baby Bjorn carriers and was kind enough to send one to me. WHOO HOO!!! As you know, these are also a high dollar baby item (are there any that aren't???). She jokingly told me on the phone, "Good luck figuring out how to put it together". I told her that I was certain I wouldn't be able to figure it out and would have to get Kevin to do it. SURPRISE, I couldn't. I worked and worked and worked on all those straps and buckles to no avail. Josh tried it too and got just a frustrated with it. Kevin picks is up, puts it together and puts it right on. HOW???? I'm so glad God gave me a husband who understands how to put things together or I'd be in some serious trouble. Now, for those of you who have actually used these, are they supposed to ride high up -- about chest height? We tried adjusting it down a little, but think we had it as low as it would go.

Speaking of Josh, he has "tested" the play gym by putting it on the couch, sticking his head up in the center of it and playing with the toys and musical part. He is now our official baby product tester. I'm certain when Ellie is "finished" with the Boppy pillow, he'll commandeer it for his bed. The boy has WAY too many pillows on his bed -- but then, I don't have a lot of room to talk there.
And, last but not least. As I was running spell check just now, I realized. Not five years ago I would guess that none of us had heard the following words: Bumbo, Boppy (possibly this one was around because it seems like I remember having one with Josh), Freecyle, Craigslist. Imagine what new words we'll have in five more years!!


Jeanne said...

More good stuff! Almost exactly what we got for DS#1. The Baby Bjorn carrier should put the baby's bottom at your waist, and her chest against your chest. When the baby is in it, it won't feel as high.

Anonymous said...

Maria, you did awesome with your buys!! I will admit that I know how expensive this stuff is b/c I have all of these products (got them as gifts for Landon)and you and Ellie will love them all. Landon loved sitting in the bumbo so he could see what was going on. I used it for feedings too. (never been a fan of high chairs) I believe that when you have the Baby Bjorn on, Ellie's head is supposed to be at your chest. I only used mine a handful of times. Landon didn't care for it.
The one product I highly recommend is the Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat. You wont need it until Ellie can hold her head up but we have 2 of these (1 for home, 1 for the car) This is Landon's high chair and we take it to ever restaurant with us. (attaches to chair or sits in a booth) So simple & easy to clean. It has it's own tray that can go in the dishwasher and they never have to eat off the restaurant tables!! =)

Jackie S said...

Great finds at a fabulous price. I love craigslist!!! Yayy for you and Ellie :)

Anonymous said...

If you still can't figure out the Baby Bjorn carrier when I get home, I will be more than happy to demonstrate. Caleb loved his and I guess can still ride in it if I feel like straining my back!