Monday, July 7, 2008

Recovering, Waiting and Working

So, I'm having some trouble coming up with titles as it seems like my life is in a bit of a holding pattern. If I were a plane, I'd be circling the airport, waiting to land.

On the Joshua surgery front, we are making two steps forward and one back, so there is progress being made. Yesterday, I thought we were on the road to mend, but he was moaning/snoring a lot this morning and very restless in his sleep. He's been sleeping in my bed and so I'm very aware of his activities. I got up and came downstairs to start the day early since I couldn't sleep, and bless his heart, he came down right after me. He'd only had 7 hours of sleep and most nights he's been sleeping 12-14. His body needs the rest and healing. He was very upset and handed me his medicine spoon. Because he developed a yeast infection on his tongue, I wasn't sure if it was his throat or his tongue. At first he said it was his throat, then he started to moan and cry and said it was his tongue. Poor guy. He got both medicines and I told him there was no TV and that I'd get his pillows and blankets and he could sleep on the couch but that he needed more rest. It took maybe five minutes and he's back out. He's sleeping more soundly (medicine, I'm sure) this time. We are only four days out, and we are making progress, I just feel bad for him. He's eating more -- he even tried a bite or two of steak last night (chopped up really small). Mostly though, it's pudding, jello, potatoes, mac n cheese or spaghetti-o's. I think he's a little stir crazy as he has not left the house since Wednesday when he had surgery. Today, we are going to the vet to have Punch's stitches removed. I told him we would get him a milkshake and rent some movies while we were out. I think the vet's office is close enough and the procedures will be quick so that he will not tire out before we can get back. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good.

I really couldn't sleep this morning after I was awakened by the cat who was screaming that he wanted breakfast. My mind knows that our coordinator is back in Kyrgyzstan and back at work today. Technically, she's already finished her first day as it's 6:30 p.m. there. I'm beside myself to know if Ellie's case will go to court this week (either tomorrow or Wednesday is when we think court is this week). I don't know when we'll know and if she doesn't go this week, I don't know when she'll go or when we will return. I look at her face every time I open the refrigerator, every time I look at the TV (hanging on the wall) and when I walk out the door (sitting on the sofa table). I try to push it to the back of my mind, and I've done fairly well until the last day or two when I knew the time for answers is drawing near. And, while I can do nothing, save pray, to change any of it, I just would like to know when we are going back.

Yesterday, I worked all day on Joshua's baseball team's books. Since I take so many pictures each season, we compile them into a book using Blurb. They are a nice hardback book, four-color book with a dust jacket. All the coaches get one and the kid's families can buy them if they want one for their kids. I started it with football during Josh's eight-year-old year, and it's carried over. This is the fourth book now. Josh loves to look at his and I'll see him drag it out every now and then to look through. It does take some time, though, so I was glad to put that project to bed. We still have some proofing and corrections, but overall, it's done. Yay! Something I can check off my list.

Kevin made major progress on the office/craft room this weekend. All the cabinets are on the walls, the counter top is installed and most of the wires for computers/plugs are run into the cabinets/counter. I will try to start, this week, on putting things up in the cabinets. Double YAY!!! It will be so nice to be able to get to my crafts things again!! Josh is excited about "his space" where his computer will be set up and his craft stuff (paint, pencils, etc.) will be and where he can do his homework. When it's done, I'll have to post some pictures. Kevin has done a really, really good job. I couldn't have begun to do this project at all.

And, it appears that I will be doing one last project for my friends over at State Farm. We needed a bit more money to be able to make trip 2 happen, so I'm off to Macon, Georgia sometime in July, after Josh gets healed up, to complete about 500 inspections. Every time I say it's the last time, it's not. So, maybe, this time, I shouldn't jinx myself and say that. I'm working really hard to make sure all things are caught up (work wise) so that when I go back to pick up Ellie I won't leave anyone (basically my friend/replacements, Susan and Denise) in a lurch like I did last time. So far, so good.

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