Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday I took Josh, Sarah and Caitlin (my nieces) to the zoo. We got there around 10 and didn't leave until well after 4:00. I was SO tired last night.

Josh and two of his cousins.

This is the STORK. I looked everywhere and didn't see him packing Ellie. *smile*

I LOVE the tigers and they seemed to be posing today.
This is Sarah at the petting zoo. I thought this goat really liked me -- turned out he was trying to get to my map to eat it.

This is in Lorikeet Landing. Josh, Caitlin and Sarah all got to fee the birds some nectar.

This is Josh holding Sarah up so the bird could get to her nectar.

Sarah is FASCINATED with catching butterflies. This is her attempt to catch on for me!

Crouching Sarah, Fearless Butterfly

Oh well, she came up empty handed on this one.

These are my FAVORITE animals at the zoo - the Meercats.

Here is Joshua pushing Sarah in her stroller. I'm going to let you use your imagination BUT... at one point there was a small, um, accident. It involved Josh with his Heelys on, pushing a stroller and a big hill. Sarah was laughing afterwards and Josh thought it was fun. I almost had a coronary.

We were glad to get to go to "C's Zoo". We had a great time.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Wasn't it nice of C to share "his zoo"? :) Glad you had fun, it can wear you out, though! Especially pushing a stroller up those hills. The artwork turned out great, you are very creative.

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to church?? We are heading to the beach Friday so I won't see you! I'll be checking your blog for updates on Ellie!