Monday, July 7, 2008

Six words

Ok, so my friend, Terri, has tagged me, so to play I need to capture my life right now in six words. Oh, Terri, don't you know that's a fate worse than death for me? ONLY SIX WORDS??? Ok. So I've put it off for a few days. So... since I could only have six words, I chose to make several phrases. :-) There's always a way around these things!!

Forgiven and blessed beyond all measure.
Wife of one, mom to two.
Fearfully and wonderfully made and blessed.
One blessed, yet tired, loved woman.

See... this isn't hard. :-) Yes, I broke the rules, but how fun!!

So, now I have to tag six folks who will blog their six words. I choose:
Michelle D.
Jeff L. (it will involve the words Reed and CVS, right?)
Dee Anna M.

There are so many more I could choose, but, I'm sure these six will spread the love. :-)

Enjoy. Thanks, Terri!

1 comment:

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Ok, as I was reading, I was thinking that is way too hard, I hope I'm not tagged! HA! I'll have to mull this one over for a while...