Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clothes Clothes Everywhere

My friend Carla told me a long time ago that she had gotten some clothes for me at her sister's yard sale. Her sister has two little girls. She told me it was two boxes, but mentally, I was unprepared for what she really meant by that. Today, I had to drop a check off at her house and she told me she'd left the boxes in her trunk and I could get them. They were two large
diaper boxes FULL of clothes!

I was working so I didn't get home until after 7 tonight. After we ate, I brought in the boxes and started going through it. HOLY SMOKES. There were 51 outfits in those boxes, ranging from 0-3 months up to some size 2s. They are absolutely the cutest things too. I wore Kevin out showing them all to him.

On the top of the box was my favorite little onesie. It says, "I'm the Princess. We'll do things my way." I have NO DOUBT that this statement will be true.

I've realized that I should go ahead and begin washing all her clothes and getting them ready. It's another thing I can check off my list.

So, here are some of my favorites. It's impossible to post all my favorites because there are SO many. Thank you Carla and Carlyona!

This is a cutie that I'm hoping she won't grow out of before Christmas. It has a velvet top. TOO cute!

These are socks that have a velvet bottom. They would be darling with the dress above.

This is a cute little cordorouy jumper that has little bows at the waist. Darling!!

I LOVE this one!!! It's a 0-3 month outfit and you can be assured little bit will be wearing this one. Of course, Chik Fil A just recently had "Dress up as a cow and eat free" day last Friday. Had she been home, we'd have been sporting ourselves there -- not necessarily for the free food, but for the CUTE factor!!!

Love this little denim jumper and bottoms. There were a couple of denium jumpers in there in different sizes. There is nothing cuter than a little one in a denim jumper, is there?

This last one was not in the bag, but a onesie I got on clearance at Target. I thought my dad would like to see it. It says, "Grandpa's Little Princess".


Betsy said...

How fun! Can't wait to see some pictures.

I did my first load of baby laundry today :) I felt like a real Mommy!!

Jeanne said...

Oh, the clothes prep is the MOST fun part for me! It really makes things feel tangible. I love all her outfits!

Christina said...

You can tell I'm from Tennessee. The cow dress was my favorite. You are going to love dressing up a little girl.