Saturday, July 26, 2008

Met Diane!!!

Yay!! It was so good to get to meet with Diane for a little while on my way home yesterday. She was at a homeschool conference and they had a food court and we were able to have a snack and coffee. I needed the coffee, for sure as I was starting to wane and still have several hours to drive home.

I was going to write this wonderful post about how we were kindred spirits and how great it was to have an intellectual conversation with someone who "gets" me. But, then I read her post and decided to plagiarize and just copy her post here. Diane did go on a little too much about me, but it captures the essence of our friendship in such a wonderfully written way that nothing I could write would compare. So, "Ditto" to you too!

I am blessed to have her as a friend -- forever!!

PS -- Hope the cake made it ok without being eaten by the cat and that you guys had a great time today!!


Maria and I got to meet up today!! What fun that was. What makes it great is that it didn't seem like we haven't seen each other in nearly 9 years (!). I've kept up with her doings on her blog and she with me here. Before that, is was e-mails and Christmas cards. But today, it was like we haven't missed a beat. I got more details on things that have been going on but it wasn't like I had to be filled in on 9 years of news. That is so neat to me. I am disappointed that I got so excited seeing her that I forgot to take a picture. *sigh* But I have the pictures in my head. :-)

Huh, funny....I just read Maria's post from this morning and she was musing about how she and I met. It was way back before the advent of blogs and e-mail lists or loops (as they are now known as) were know as list serves...and we were on one called Cybercat (now known as Cyberkat) for cat owners. It was (is) a great group of folks who came to be good friends. I have met several over the years. That is how I met Maria. We would have gatherings and someone would offer up their home as a central gathering place in a geographically central location, then everyone who could, would come there and we would spend a weekend or longer just having a fun party - at times it would be like a pajama party. One year Maria offered up her house. She was a gracious hostess with so many descending on her house to stay the weekend. We had a ball. Between her and another Cybercatter, Becky, I don't think I have ever laughed so much for so long a period. :-) Maria would come to Atlanta every now and then for "mini" gatherings and we could always pick right back up like no time had passed and still just have a great time.

Folks will talk about God putting people in your lives for a reason. Some folks pass through quickly, others, thankfully, linger a little longer. I often wonder why some folks come into my life; so, so many of them I am abundantly grateful for. Maria is one of those I often wonder (happily) why? I mean we have only laid eyes on each other a handful of times, but I still count her among my good friends. But then, as I was talking to her today I realized, she is another strong Christian woman I "click" with.

I find it so fun to be able to talk of my faith, and to discuss theological theories with someone who can have a deep and abiding faith, yet still be able to laugh in the midst of such a conversation. So many Christian women have that pinched up, up tight, holier than thou, pious woman attitude. I hate that and it is one of those things that turns me off to the fellowship of Christian women so fast. (Please notice I said Christian women...not God!) To me, that is not real, and the way I am is as real and as right as the most pious person. God made me the way I am, He knows my heart and when He looks in it He sees my faith but He also sees my joy and laughter. He put that laughter there and because of that I know it is good. Maria has that same sense of joy and laughter and God put her in my life to bless me. To give me another kindred soul that is devout, but celebrates her faith with joy, laughter and humor.

These traits are gifts from God and worthy as offerings of praise just as much as any hymn or prayer. I like to think that God gets a good chuckle when he sees His children laughing and having a good time. Who among you, who are parents, can resist a big grin or chuckle yourself when you see the sparkling eyes and toothless grin of your baby, or the belly laugh of a toddler? I think God is like that, enjoying our pleasure and joy in his gifts of laughter and humor.

So with that, I leave you with a quiet chuckle and a good night. Hope you made it home safely Maria!

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