Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tonsils-Adenoids - OUT

We have just arrived back home after Josh's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (is that right??). He came through it like a trooper. I will post more details this afternoon (along with some photos), but wanted to thank everyone who has prayed and offered words of support.


Today was Joshua's scheduled tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. We arrived at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital at 8:30. We completed our paperwork and all got wristbands, including Joshua's Kitty (who goes everywhere with us) who got a name band to wear around his neck. We were taken back around 9:00. Imagine our surprise when they told us that the doctor was running ahead of schedule and instead of an 11:00 surgery time they would be taking him right on back. THAT never happens. Josh's first nurse's name was Mimi. That was cool as that's what he calls my mom: MeeMee.
Josh and his nurse Mimi

Josh still looks happy here - getting vitals checked

In the hospital gown -- waiting.

We weren't quite sure what to expect as far as the procedure, but the anesthesiologist came in and let Josh pick the "smell" for his mask and then told him that he would not get an IV until after he was asleep. Josh was quite glad about this (as were we!!). I said a little prayer with him, and then his doctor came in to talk to us. After we spoke with Josh's doctor, another doctor (who looked a LOT like Donnie Osmond) wheeled Josh on back. As he was about to leave, he looked like he might cry.

Josh with Dr. Donnie Osmond *smile* - getting ready to leave

MeeMee and DeeDee arrived to sit with us while we waited. A short 30 minutes later, the doctor was back to tell us that it was over and went well (thank you, God!!). His tonsils were "medium-large" and his adenoids were "medium". He felt like this would clear his airways a lot and take care of the strep issues we've had in the past. We were taken back to the recovery area and SURPRISE, Josh was already awake. He said his throat was hurting really bad. They told us that he'd had some Sprite already. They were giving him pain meds and some meds for nausea. Right after that, Kevin brought my mom back and went to sit with my dad and Josh had his breakdown. He burst into tears and wanted to know, "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME??" Well, before this breakdown was over, I was in tears, my mom was in tears and so was Josh. I tried really hard not to let him see me cry, but it was so hard. Once his pain medicine kicked in and he had downed a blue Icee (awesome hospital, huh??), he quieted down and started to drift off to sleep. Fortunately, we were then moved to a "holding" room that was private and quiet. Josh slept most of the time in there. We were in some sort of recovery mode for about three hours (and a total of three blue Icees) before he was released around 1:30.

Sleeping it off in the "holding" room

Still sleeping it off while DeeDee waits

Josh and Kitty - still sleeping

After a stop at the pharmacy to get medicine, we are now home with him on the couch, watching TV. I've giving him his pain meds and have made him a milkshake. I'm hopeful that soon he'll be able to rest some more as I know his body needs the rest.

At home on the couch with his milkshake

Last night, before going to bed, Josh confessed he was afraid he might die. It's not a conversation a mom wants to have with her ten-year-old son, but one that I knew I had to address. I wanted to blow it off and say, "Oh, honey, you're going to be fine." But, in my heart, I knew he deserved more than that. Because he accepted Christ as his Savior almost two years ago now, I knew I had to reassure him of that. I said, "So, what happens if you die?" to which he replied, "I go to be with God." I said that yes, he would go to heaven to be with God and that God loved him even more than even I did. He said, "No, I think it's a tie -- you both love me the same." I told him that while I loved him with all my heart, God loved him before he was born and would love him for all eternity. I reminded him that God loved him enough to have HIS Son die on the cross so that they could be together forever. "So," I told him, "IF you die, you will be with God and while our hearts will be absolutely broken and it will be nearly impossible to go on, we know that you will be in a better place with no pain, no tears and no sin. BUT... I think God still has LOTS for you to accomplish before it's time to come home. You have a sister to teach all sorts of things to; you have to grow up and do things for God. So, I'm certain you are going to be ok tomorrow." After that, he seemed calm and went on to sleep. I'm so glad God gave me the opportunity to be this little boy's mom. He is such a wonderful kid!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

So glad everything went well. The pic of him sleeping wit Kitty is precious.

Khakismum said...

I'm so glad Josh came through with flying colours! I know it is a painful recovery - especially for an active *boy*! I loved the picture of him sleeping with kitty. You can still see the boy in the budding man. :-)

I nearly cried reading your response to him about death. What great comforting words God gave you to give Josh. You did a good job! Let Josh know I was praying for him today when he was in recovery, praying for ease of pain and an easy recovery. Hope it helped. It seemed his recovery did go well. It was either the prayer or the 3 blue slushies! I'd like to think it was the prayer...but slushies sure are powerful medicine to a sore throat. Maybe they were divine blue slushies? LOL

Glad all is well and he is home. Continued well wishes for Josh.

Dee'Anna Midgett said...

Poor Josh. I hate it when our children have to do stuff like that. I am glad he is done. I bet he will feel alot better now.


Anonymous said...

I am crying at what Josh said and your brave way of comforting him. No mother wants to think of her child going home before she does but I'm glad it gave both of you comfort. Glad he's feeling better.

Marcy said...

So glad to hear Josh came through surgery ok!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and extra thanks for the "cyberhug". I really needed that!

Terri said...

Children are so fragile and are a good mommy!

I'm 'tagging' you! Check out my blog to play.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... I HATED THAT!!! IT WAS AWFUL!!! You see, I was a big baby, and wouldn't take my meds because it hurt and they were nasty. Well, because I didn't take them, it hurt even more to drink. Because I didn't drink, my throat was really dry. Because it was so dry, my incision popped and I hemmorhaged. I spent three nights in the hospital. That was, hands down, one of the worst experiences of my life.