Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy 5 Year Birthday Seryozha

Seryozha is a little boy in a Bishkek orphanage. I belong to a yahoo group with his mom. During recent conversations, she shared her pain that her son was still in the orphanage and they would celebrate another birthday apart. She thought he would be home long before now, but due to problems in Bishkek with the court systems, he is not. There is rumor that the courts in Bishkek (we are in Tokmok) will begin reviewing dossiers and having court again after July 22. I pray for this every single day so that little boys like Seryozha don't have to spend another birthday without his forever family, so that moms like his don't have to eat cake by themselves to celebrate a birthday.

During our online conversations, I indicated that we would celebrate Seryozha's birthday today. We would remember him and his family through a virtual party. Josh had a mini cupcake; his friend Braiden had sugared strawberries and I, well, I took photos and wrote in the blog because I'm trying REALLY hard to drop some pounds. I wanted the cupcake. I explained to the boys that we were celebrating the birthday of a little boy in Kyrgyzstan who had just turned five. Ironically, neither asked questions. I think they were just happy for treats -- much like kids at any birthday party, huh?

It's very sad to me to have to post this post. Seryozha should be home

Here are photos from our virtual party.

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