Friday, July 25, 2008

Going to Meet Diane

I'm very excited and have motivation to get through the day (other than going home to my boys!!). I am going to get to meet up with my friend Diane. She is going to be at a homeschool fair in Atlanta today and as I go through we are going to visit!! YAY!!!

I got to thinking last night about when the last time I saw her might have been. You have to keep in mind most of my brain cells are dead, so .... I think it might have been as long as 8 or 9 years ago. And yet, we've still remained friends.

We met online -- way back when that was a novelty idea. I remember my parents thinking Kevin and I were crazy when we would trot off her and yon to meet people I had met on the Cybercat group. It was, as the named implied, a list for cat owners. What a FUN FUN group is was -- much like my new Kryg adoption group, only for people with cats, not people who are adopting.

They even had me a shower with a litterbox cake when I was pregnant with Josh (yes, it was gross).

So, I'm very excited to see Diane and her daughter Kathryn. She was a little thing the last time I saw her and now she is, *gasp*, dating (don't tell her daddy though!). I think it's technically not dating, but I think she's got a real crush on a boy I see her mom write about a lot. Feel free to correct me, Kathryn! *smile*

So, I'll try to remember to get photos. Hopefully, it won't be another 8-9 years, but, just in case!

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