Friday, July 18, 2008

Car Seat - Check

One of the things that has really bothered me is not having a car seat for Ellie. Now, granted, I knew we would have one before she came home. That was never the question. I just couldn't make up my mind what kind was "right". For those of you who haven't walked into a baby superstore, like Babies R Us, in a while - WHOA!!! -- baby product overload. And then there is Target and Walmart who carry totally different products and online there are a million more -- and that's just the car seats.

So, imagine my surprise when I was at Target this week and found they had put their Britax car seats on clearance. I've never seen them on sale, much less clearance. They only go one sale a few times a year online. So then the "great debate" came. I'm telling you people I cannot make a decision. Did I want a convertible kind or would an infant carrier be better? Did I like the color? Was it too boy-ish or too girl-ish? Was the price low enough to justify? Should I wait? If I wait they'll run out? On and on it went. I just stood there with a dumb look on my face. I tried to call Kevin (who was in the store) and his phone rang in the cart. Well, that was helpful.

So, I continued with the questions in my mind. Finally, I thought, well, if they only had it in the pink girl pattern, I suppose I would get it, but it doesn't look like they do. AND THEN, I found one in the Brooke pattern and it just seemed like it was the one I was supposed to get.

Kevin hates to shop with me -- do you understand why now?

So, here's a stock photo of the car seat that Ellie will be sporting around town in. It's safe, soft and, best of all, pink.

Now, the questions are: Do I use this on in my car or in Kevin's? What if she falls asleep in it? If I had an infant carrier, she could just stay asleep in it? Should I get an infant carrier for the other car? If so, which person gets which car seat? Which car seat should I get if I get an infant carrier? Does the color matter? Which is the safest one? Which is the most user friendly? Which one is softest and the most comfortable for her? OY!!! See, it starts all over again. *sigh* This is hard stuff. Clothes are easier.

For some reason, walking by this sitting in the living room floor has made it seem so real all of a sudden -- not that it hasn't been before. But, somehow, even now, after having met her, a lot of time it still seems vague, more like a concept than a reality. It's hard to explain. Other adoptive parents I've talked to seemed to understand it. And, even with a nursery ready, buying clothes and stuff, it hasn't been until the purchase of the car seat that it felt real. I've also started putting items into the diaper bag I'm going to carry -- some bottles, some toys, the Hotsling carrier, pacifiers -- items purchased over several years and gently put into a closet to wait for the right baby to arrive. And now, opening the packages, removing the tags, it has become a little more real to me.

The judge is due back at work on July 28 -- only 10 more days. If I had to guess, I'd say he might be able to hear our cases (again, assuming we are included in the first group to be heard) that Wednesday, July 30. I've stopped praying specifically for that, because I have a peaceful calm about her impending arrival. I have a date in mind and I'm counting the days until that day. I think my guess might be close to being correct -- pending any surprises. I am hopeful that we might get new pictures on Tuesday. There are several families travelling to pick up their little ones who are going to diligently try to get photos of her for us. They are also taking her some little presents for us. We are so thankful to them for taking them over for us and for taking time to think of us and take pictures. What a wonderful community of families the Kyrgyzstan adoption community is. We have been blessed in getting to know each family that we have so far.

Ellie, we are coming -- soon.


Betsy said...

Great job on the car seat, Maria!! I love the pink girly pattern. I can't imagine the Princess riding around in anything different.

I'm with you on the infant seat vs Britax debate. We also bought a Britax back when we did our home study in March... I guess you could say we were a little pumped about the whole baby gear thing. I'm still not sure if I'll need to get an infant carrier too depending on how big Precious Boy is when he comes home!

We should go shopping together. I think we might be two of a kind ;)

Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP is jealous of Ellie's Britax! :)

Kelli said...

Yay for the carseat! In my research, the Britax is the way to go, but I see your point about the carrier type. I am sure it will all work out.

Jeanne said...

We are a Britax family and we love them! Thanks for the heads-up about the Target clearance. We never missed having the infant carrier type with our son, who came home at 6 months old. I think they're more useful for the younger babies.

Rachel said...

We have actually had Scarlett in the infant carrier ever since we came home...and she'll be 1 next month! She's such a peanut and only 18.5 pounds, so it still works. I don't take the carrier out of the car that much anymore, but it does come in handy when I want to run in and get a bagel.

That being said, we only have one because someone gave it to us (her daughter had just grown out of it). Soon we'll switch her to the Britax that Alex uses now, and he'll be in a booster. I don't think I would have bought an infant seat for her otherwise. BUT, I am surprised at how long we've been able to use it.

Christina said...

Britax is a great carseat. That is what Lindze had and what little man will be using. Finding it on clearance is wonderful because they are not cheap. I love the design of yours. Hope to see Miss Ellie in person while we are there. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Was the Brooke on Clearance? How much was it? Our Target has one but they haven't marked it down yet, but I can tell they might be ready to any day. They are clearancing A LOT of stuff!!!

Maria said...

Yes, the Britax was on clearance. It was $188.96, down from $269.99 Hopefully your store will put theirs on clearance soon. Be watching!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the PINK carseat. Ellie will be riding in style. I cannot wait to start buying pink. Landon has the Britax as well and he loves it. We got him the black one (can't remember the pattern name)so we could use it for a girl too. I also had the Graco snugride (rated very high) when he was born & used it until he was about 7 months. (he has always been 90 percentile!!!) I would definitely recommend the carrier. I was alittle upset when Landon grew out of his b/c it's soooo convenient. I researched products for months before I bought anything so I know the stress of narrowing it down to one! =)Goodluck with your purchases. I am sure you will do good!!

Jackie S said...

Love the carseat!! Noli has the Britax and she loves it. She's sporting the 'cowmooflage' pattern. I do need to find another one for mom's car when she grows out of the carrier carseat.

Target here I come!