Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joshua Learns to Put a Worm on a Hook

This post is by a "guest" poster -- my mom. She wrote this and took the photos of Joshua's day with them on Friday. I will tell you, she told me this story on the phone and it was pretty funny, but when I opened the pictures, it was hilarious. Check out the rubber gloves and sweat band!!

When he came in the door this morning it was raining, and I could tell he was disappointed. He had his new rod and reel he had won at the church fishing tournament back in the summer. He was ready to go. DeeDee told him he would check the weather on the computer and we would see what it was going to do on up in the day. He ate his favorite thing to eat when he comes to our house: sausage and biscuit. Then he and I watched a movie, and every once in a while he would say, "It's quit raining."

I fixed lunch, and it had quit raining so I got everything ready. He and DeeDee uncovered the boat and got it hooked up to the truck. He knows how to hook and unhook everything on the boat -- including getting ready and loading of the boat as he has watched his DeeDee since he was little. I remember telling him a few years ago to watch DeeDee hook and unhook the boat so if DeeDee should hurt himself he would know how to get us back to the loading dock. Then I could drive us home.

He has been driving the boat since he was four years old sitting in DeeDee's lap. We finally decided the boat was too small for us and then went boat hunting to Bass Pro Shop. We let him go with us so he could pick out certain things on the boat he liked. He picked out the one that had three seats all the way across the boat so he could sit in the middle and that has always been his seat until today. I asked him where were we going to put Ellie when she gets here, and he said, "She can have my seat, and I can sit up front." He's such caring little man.

He had a real problem putting the worm on the fishing hook. He asked me before we left the house if I had any rubber gloves. I asked him what for, and he said he might could handle a fishing worm if he had on gloves. I knew exactly how he felt because I can't touch one either. I stuck a pair in my bag jn case he got brave and wanted to try to put one on the hook. You can see by his pictures he was having a real problem with this whole thing, but he was a real trooper and tried.

I asked him if he had a good time and he said, "Yes." I know DeeDee and I did.

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