Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Princess Turns 4 Months Old Today

Another birthday for The Princess. Another day we don't get to celebrate with her. It makes me sad, but there is nothing I can do to rush the process along. I remember us holding her when she turned two months and singing "Happy Birthday" to her. I thought with absolute certainty she would be home before the number "5" pops up on the screen, but I know now she won't. It breaks my heart every day to think of her lying in a crib -- existing, her basic needs being met, but not her emotional and social needs. It's 4:55 in the afternoon there. I'm sure no one mentioned it, no one sang to her. It would be a perfect birthday gift for her today if the judge has heard our cases today.

Happy birthday little princess girl, our wee little one. I know you have likely forgotten about the people who talked funny, who held you for two hours a day and made funny faces, kissed you, rocked you and sang to you. We are here. We love you. We will be back for you.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Come home soon!