Monday, July 28, 2008

Nada, Nothing, Zero, Zilch -- Information That Is

No information on court today. I know of five other families who are feeling a little disappointed and anxious today as well. Honestly, I didn't expect to have news today. I think it will be at least Wednesday before there is news. I'm hoping we fully SKIP the email telling us what day we'll have court and go straight to the email that says, "Congratulations, your case has cleared the Kyrgyzstan court system." I don't need anticipation; I just want to start counting backwards from 40.

On to other things.

Those of you who read regularly might have seen a post I wrote about and the products they carry. APPARENTLY, they were offended by my opinion and thought that I was bashing them, something I never intended. I think the owner's comment was it wasn't very Christian-like to say bad things about them and she wished I knew more about them before I said bad things about them. So... 1) I removed the post and 2) I sent her an email both explaining my position and the fact that I feel people are often quick to throw out the "You aren't acting like a Christian" when our opinions differ from theirs. I was most certainly not bashing their company. I even commented on how cute many of the things they sell are and added a link. I was offering my opinion on my blog. However, let's all be honest here and answer would we pay $175 for a sippy cup that you can't use? No. That was my point. It was never about the quality of their company or their products. None of the comments were offered in a mean spirit. Regular readers will understand the "contents of my heart" and the spirit in which they were offered. The stuff is expensive and I'm a bargain-shopper. End of story. So, again, in an offer of goodwill, I offer readers another link to the site in hopes that maybe you will find items that you want to purchase.

On to better things.

I am experiencing some horrible headaches today along with just a feeling of exhaustion. I am SO tired. I still have around 175 jobs to enter from my project and I need to have those done by Thursday. I want to leave this computer (and yet, here I am typing, huh?) and do something different. I am excited that we are going to the zoo on Wednesday with some of Joshua's friends and we are going to meet up with another family who recently returned from Kryg with their son!! Ironically, we were in Kryg at the same time so it will be SO good to see them again. Josh "took" to both the children and is very excited to see them again. After I clear it with them, I'll post names and photos after our visit!


Elizabeth and Bill said...

Soooo, I don't get it. Being honest about your opinion is "unchristian"...interesting. And BTW, I totally agree!!

Kelli said...

First, I am sorry there was no news today. Boy, do I know what that feels like!

Second, I saw (and read) the post on my bloglines then wondered where it went when I came over to comment. I so don't get it. I can say I totally agree with you, hope no one thinks less of me (okay, maybe I don't really care :)!). Go get your bedazzler, girl!

janiece said...

My goodness, some people sure are judgemental. It's your blog and your opinion. Personally I agree with you--those prices are outrageous, but some people will pay for that kind of stuff. Interesting about it being unchristian. I always understood being Christian meant you didn't jusge others. Sounds like they have the issue.
I'm sorry you didn't hear anything today. I know sometimes it takes a while to get the news to the United States. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear tomorrow.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I totally agreed with your sticker shock and there was nothing un-Christian about it! Ok, I am going to have to meet some of the TN families! I see a gathering in our future.... maybe it will be at the airport to welcome Ellie home :)