Wednesday, November 18, 2009

$135 away from Pie!!

STOKED!!! Just when I was telling Kevin tonight that we probably wouldn't make our $500 goal for the kids and that we'd need to start earlier next year, I should have known to put more faith in God. I just checked John's blog where he is keeping the tallies on the Christmas Challenge for the kids in Central Asia and my "pie" total is up to $265. I have $100 from various others that I have collected that is ready to donate the first part of next week (I'm waiting until the last minute to get in all the funds from others who are giving it to me over the weekend), so.... I'm SERIOUSLY thinking that there are going to be some PIES FLYING at Thanksgiving.

John has extended the deadline because he wanted folks to be able to get their pies in the face at Thanksgiving -- well, that works well for me because my sweet nieces will be here and I know that they would LOVE to help Josh with the pie in the face project -- especially since their family was one of the contributors !!!

Stay tuned Constant Readers: there will be photos.

I cannot express my gratitude to all who have given. Many I know, others I don't. You know, God knows, and the [hopefully 100] children will know and that is really all that matters. Blessings and to God be the glory!! Oh, and today's total indicates 1026 children have been funded for Christmas this year. People -- that's serious. Thank God when you pray!!!
If you want to see a video of Jengish, the first person to get a pie in the face, there is a really fun video here. Jengish lives in Kyrgyzstan and the video is TRUE Kygyzstan; it took me right back. The "pie" is actually a tort. I'm not sure they have pies there. They do have some really fancy cakes, however. Sugar is not the staple there that it is here. Probably not a bad thing. Anyway, I'm thinking if I have a video it won't be quite so fancy, but his did set the bar high.

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Carol M said...

Hi Maria! I'm Betsy's mom.. I made a donation to you, not because I want you to get a pie in the face, but because I have enjoyed reading about Ellie and Josh on your blog since before y'all left to go meet her! ...I do look forward to seeing photos of the children in Kyrgyzstan enjoying their Christmas gifts. Thanks for doing this for the kids and I hope your pie is tasty!