Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Great Coconut Creme Pie Christmas Challenge

Last night at dinner I had a piece of coconut creme pie with meringue that stood at least 6" tall. It was DELICIOUS.

Now, I want to allow my kids to throw a coconut creme pie in my face, but I need your help. Yes, I have certainly lost my mind, but read on and you'll understand.

While I was waiting to bring Ellie home, I became aware of an organization that did something called McChristmas and helped bring Christmas to orphans. I wasn't able to pull that off last year, but this year our family is determined to do something to help out the orphans in Kyrgyzstan have a Christmas they won't soon forget.

Close your eyes for a minute (after you read this of course) and focus on a life where, as a child, you live in an institution with no mom or dad to hold you when you are sick, to comfort you when you get hurt. Imagine not having anything that is really yours. Imagine not understanding the concept of Christmas and not getting anything for Christmas. I'm willing to bet it will be hard to put yourself there. It would have been for me too if I had never visited Kyrgyzstan and seen first hand the poverty there -- the needs. When it becomes a choice of feeding a child or giving them a Christmas present, you can imagine what gets dropped.

Kevin and I vowed that we would continue to help the children left behind in that country and this is our opportunity.


Five Dollars.

Yes, you read that right.

TO GIVE: Click here.

This was taken last year of the kids getting their presents.

Last year, one family alone raised $1000. This year twenty families have pledged to try to raise $500 each which will provide Christmas for two thousand children. YOU can help be a part of something REALLY BIG for $5. I know times are hard and things are tight. They certainly are at our house, but we have made the choice to give to these children and to give up something that doesn't mean anything compared to these children's Christmas. It might be 5 days of $1 sodas at McDonalds for me. I don't know what yours might be.

Last year John Wright reports that "we were able to not only bring two orphanages to a day out including Circus, treats, and a McDonald's style restaurant, but another 300 kids not able to leave the orphanages were treated to a concert, gifts and treats... the price per child came in at only $5..." This sounds like not a very big deal to us, I know, but to these children it was HUGE. To read about the events last year, click here and here. You WILL be moved.
This is a photo of one of the children who went on last year's outing. This picture moves me at some level I can't explain. I just find it really hard to look at. I think it's the longing in the eyes.

I can assure you that every dime you give will go straight to a child -- 100%, no "administrative fees" or what not, just volunteers helping kids know they are loved. And, after all, isn't that what Christmas is REALLY about?

When we reach our goal, I get PIE -- I cannot wait!! We will post photos and share the details. Help this become a reality. Click here to donate by Paypal. Be sure to put my name: Maria Latham in the "please throw a pie at" box. We want to make sure I get my pie. Consider it my birthday cake!! :-) You can also give directly to us and we will make one donation after we have collected it all. We have until November 23 to collect all our donations.

Tomorrow, will you consider skipping the Starbucks or the fast food lunch or a car wash and donate that money so kids in Ellie's home country can experience Christmas? Were it not for a very few days' time in her adoption processing, she would STILL be there. There are many, many children whose parents are still waiting to bring them home. We continue to pray for them as well. Let's do more than just pray -- let's show them love.

Ellie says:

Will you please help my friends in Kyrgyzstan have Christmas?

It would mean a lot to me!

We thank you so much for considering a gift!

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