Saturday, November 21, 2009


Throughout the last year, we have lost a lot of pet friends. Today while I was scanning the pictures of Josh's birth, I found several pages of the pets who have left us and I wanted to share some of the sweet memories I have of them as well as a few of when we got Bear.
I still find my heart missing Punch on a regular basis. Last night I dreamed of her. She and I were on an adventure involving a float of some sort and a river or a ride. She was swimming and I grabbed her up and put her on the float. Then we were climbing out of the water and I had her in some sort of pouch on my chest -- like a baby. I so miss my Punch! These were taken of her when she was five out in our yard. They have always been my favorites.
And sweet Duke. He was such a mild mannered cat, allowing us to do funny (cruel??) things to him like dressing him up in a witch's hat for Halloween. Excuse the scrapbooking -- it was a LONG time ago. I still find myself gasping when I pull into the yard and see his sister, Duchess, out in the yard because I think it's him. I miss him a lot too.
And, speaking of mild mannered -- you can tell from these pictures that Sunshine was the epitome of mild. She was Josh's horse and his pillow -- but more importantly, our friend. I miss that sweet old girl!!
And these are from the day we got Bear -- isn't he TINY? Considering he's now a 110 pound ginormous dog, I can't believe he was every this little. He's just a big ole' luv bug though!

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