Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gotcha Photos -- And More

My mom made me promise to post ALL of these pictures of me through the years -- not that I really want to because some of them are, um, interesting, but here you go. Get ready for some BIG hair toward the end!! Some of them are not the best quality because they are older. I really should edit them one day. Key word: one day.

This was that duck my grandpa got me that mama took the quacker out of.

This was my first birthday home, but my second birthday
Me and my daddy

Me and my mama -- love the plaid pants on her and the striped shirt on me!!

Eating a sucker in the sink -- does it get better??

It appears I was a bit of a messy eater.

Check out my SHOES and my PURSE -- Ellie would have loved me!!

Oooh, white gloves!!
My senior picture
I really thought I was some "STUFF" in this picture.
Prom -- can you say BIG HAIR -- well, don't say it too quickly because you are certainly going to want to say it when you see the next picture.

*sigh* SOMEONE should have said something -- I'm just saying.


Betsy said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!! And I loved your Mama's Gotcha Day memories too. That was so special and touching to read.

Becky said...

Holy smokes you look like a movie star in your prom picture!
The pictures were fun to look at, what a great story! I love that your mom has it all written down!

BTW, nobody said anything because their hair was exactly the same as yours. :)