Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decorating

We started our Christmas decorating this evening. I always forget how much stuff we have to decorate for Christmas. Unreal.

This year it was especially fun because everything was new and magical to Ellie. Since she is old enough to really be excited about most of it, it's fun to see her reactions to everything. It's all new, exciting and curious to her and she has to investigate every bit of it. FUN!!

Both Josh and Ellie have their own Christmas trees that go in their rooms. Ellie got hers this year, and, yes, it is pink -- much to Josh's dismay. Ellie, however, loves it. Everyone got in the act of helping Ellie decorate her tree.

The reindeer ears made me a bit sad because just last year we were taking pictures of Sunshine wearing the ears and now she's not with us. Ellie, however, loved the ears and wore them around for quite a while.

We incorporated Ellie's Kyrgyz yurt nativity scene in with our other traditional nativity. Ellie had a great time when we got it out. She'd take the out of the yurt and put them back in the yurt. She even wore the yurt as a hat at one point. I'm so thankful that the Schoolers gave her this wonderful gift when we were there to visit her the first trip. She loves it and it's a great way to talk to her about her country.

Everyone got into the process of putting the tree together. I was bummed that no one would let me watch Christmas Vacation again this year. It's a tradition at our house. HOWEVER, the UK v. UT football game was on, so.... We haven't put the decorations on the tree yet -- saving that for tomorrow -- so maybe tomorrow I can slip that traditional movie viewing into the plan!!
I love these pictures of Josh getting the lights ready and Ellie playing with them. I took them without a flash because I loved the look.
And while we were decorating, Josh broke into dance with Ellie. It was so sweet. He was twirling her and dipping her and she was just laughing and laughing. Sweet times.
When we finally got the tree up, Josh was putting the tree skirt down and here goes Ellie, scooting up under the tree. You can't say she doesn't investigate everything!

More decoration photos tomorrow! I love Christmas!!!

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Jennifer G. said...

Josh is such a great big brother!