Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful: November 10

Today is my neice, Danielle's, birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! Isn't she beautiful?? I can't believe she's already 16. Where did the time go from when Kevin was carrying her on his shoulders through Washington, DC when she was just three??

Onward ...

I am thankful for Kelly Stone who taught me how to save money on my groceries by using coupons. It has been such a blessing to us and others. Because of what she has taught me and shared with me, I've been able to share with others and help them both save money for their families AND to have food in their homes. Is there anything more rewarding than helping others? I don't think so.

And a few updates:

As you all know, Kevin has a new job. While we are very, very thankful for it, I know the days are long for him as he leaves home at 6:15 and returns home between 6-7 pm. He's spending 3 hours a day driving to and from work. It is also eating into the time he gets to spend with Josh and Ellie and I know that is really bothering him. Continue to hold him up in prayer that God will allow him to find a job a bit closer to home -- in His time and within the realms of His plan.
And, I will admit that by the time he gets home I am flat out exhausted and ready to go to bed. Today alone from 3:30 - 4:30, Ellie poured out an entire salt container, knocked over a can of coke, took all the magnets off the refrigerator, took lots of things out of the cabinets, wanted to go outside and play and threw her dominoes at the cat and all over the living room. Each time I finished cleaning up one of her "projects", she had another complete and ready for me to work on for her. In the midst of that, I made dinner and tried to pick up downstairs and do laundry. Now it's 8 p.m. and I've got to sit down and get to work on paperwork and prepare my day for tomorrow. Whew -- how do single parents do this??

An update on the CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE to put a pie in my face. I've had $30 donated online and have several people who have told me they will make a donation in person. I need 94 more people who will be willing to help sponsor a child's Christmas. $5 is all it takes. If you need to write me about it or ask questions, email me at mblatham@charter.net. This is something that is really, really important to us. Of course, we have not made our donation yet either, so that will help with our total. I really want to be able to support 100 kids. You can't imagine the difference that will make in their lives. These children are ORPHANS and 100% goes to them. Can you help? Click here to go to John Wright's online site to donate.
Ellie has gotten really dramatic lately and will throw her hands over her mouth, make an "O" with her mouth and go, "OOOOhhhh". It's hilarious. I want to catch her and get a photo of it.
Josh recently had a project on Egypt and had to make Egyptian pottery and a pyramid from sugar cubes. Here are the final results. He indicates his pottery is the kind they used in the mummification process to hold the spices and herbs (which is represented by the white flour). At least he is creative!!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'm thankful that you taught me about using coupons. And I have taught so many otheres. There's no telling how many families you have helped!