Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Asian GIft Ideas from Etsy and Friends

While I was over at Etsy looking at justplainbecky's cool site, I found some other cute Asian gift ideas -- just in time for Christmas. Thought I'd share a few in case anyone is interested.
There is this 3 piece Kokeshi Dolls Magnet Set for $6.

This vintage inspired China doll fabric apron at $23.75 is really cute!

This sweet China Doll shirt for $20.00

Lilly, part of "The Rice Babies" collection is $15.00. This seller also has customized Asian stickers that are so cute -- 5/$2.00

The Love Glass shop sells these beautiful pieces of glass to hang. She has several Japanese pieces including this one called Keiko. A deal at $12.99 if I do say so.
Princess placemat with customizable face -- ADORABLE and $11.00. This same seller has stationery, wall prints and other customizable items. Cute!!

Beautiful Asian girl watercolor artwork, $15

AND, last but probably two of my favorites is not from Etsy, but from my high school friend, Terri, who makes all kinds of cute things, including this children's apron, crayon bag, tote bag and toddler tote. Visit her blog for more details on how to order. I've ordered lots of her things for Ellie and as gifts. They are great.

And from my friend, Andrea, who makes custom t-shirts, bibs, cups, etc. She does all of Ellie's custom shirts and can do ANYTHING you can come up with.

Help support these "artists" during the Holidays!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out. I'm going to check out those other etsy sites! I love the baby doll.

Anonymous said...

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