Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helper Ellie

Ellie loves to help out around the house. And even though sometimes her helping is a bit of a challenge, I like for her to be able to try.

When I was little (I'm not sure how old I started), my mom would have me pull a kitchen chair up to the sink and wash the dishes.

The other morning when I was washing dishes, Ellie wanted to help, so I pulled her up a chair and let her "help". We had to quit letting her help when she poured a cup or two of water out on the floor. I thought it was cute though!!

As a side note, we DO have a dishwasher, and for this amount of dishes I would have normally used it, but we were trying out our dishwasher cleaner stuff where you put it in an run a load and it cleans the spouts and inside of your dishwasher to make it run better. It worked pretty well and, with my coupons, I think I paid $.25 for it!! YAY!!

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