Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little More Coupon Tripling

So... I went back for round 2 today at Harris Teeter and Kroger. I only wanted to get a few things and could be more selective because I didn't need anything (so why was I there??? I just can't pass up free food!!).

I managed to spend $54 and got $276 in groceries. So far, this month my average savings has been 75.1%, meaning that for every $100 of groceries I get, I'm paying $25. I am STOKED!! Thank you Kelly Stone for teaching me how to save money on coupons!!

The good deals today were:

Walgreens 75% off Halloween candy -- not black and orange so using it in our Operation Christmas Child boxes (a separate post coming on that soon). Two HUGE bags, (1) 6 pack of toothbrushes and a pack of M&Ms (needed a filler) - $.75 out of pocket. WHOO HOO!!! All of that is for the boxes.

Harris Teeter - Dried pineapple (3 bags) - $.42, Tonys pizza, free; Country Crock butter, free; Crest toothpast (for Operation Christmas Child boxes) - $.14 ea; Starkist tuna pouch, free; Jet Dry - $.24;

Kroger - Perdue Shortcuts chicken (precooked and ready for fajitas or salads) - $.25; Tyson pre-cooked meat (like Perdue) - $.95; Rice Krispies - free; All detergent - $1.99; Glade air freshner - free; Life Savers candy bag (for Christmas boxes) - $.49; Act II Popcorn - $.85 (box-10); Krusteaz cookie mix - $.34 box; McCormick gravy mix - free; Welch's juice - $.24; and THEN there was the envelope that came in the mail from Kroger with the following FREE coupons in it -- every item was FREE (is that cool or what???): Tony's pizza; Kroger canned soup; Durkee Fried Onions and Kroger frozen veggies.

It has been an EXCELLENT couponing week. I think I'm done unless HT gets in some more of the cat food I was paying $.24 a bag for. But then, there's also that free Surf detergent .... hmmm... and the Pampers wipes for $.79 each. Maybe ONE more trip before Tuesday. *smile*

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Lori said...

SO jealous! (But glad for you!)