Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful: November 9

I am thankful for Ella.

Her mom Betsy called me tonight to tell me that she was reading my blog when Ella (who is four AND A HALF -- the half is very important) came over and was asking who it was on the blog, what it was about and so on.

Betsy explained to her that these children lived in orphanages like she used to before she came to live with her mommy and daddy (Ella is from Korea). She told her that we were raising money for the children to get Christmas presents. Betsy asked Ella if she would like to help.

Apparently Ella got VERY excited and ran off to get money. She returned with a dollar and some coins and told Betsy she had some money. The funny part: she had gotten it from Betsy's purse!!

Now ... is that not the perfect example of why Jesus loves the children and tells us to have the heart of a child in order to get into heaven? They are so giving, loving and caring -- so sweet and innocent.

Ella and her mom are funding Christmas for a child in Central Asia. Somewhere a child who struggles to forget their memories will soon have some good memories to replace those hard/bad ones -- because of the sweet kindness of Ella and her mom.

I am thankful for friends like them and for those who have a heart for the plight of orphans. I am also very thankful for the first person who made a donation in our name (I really want pie!!) to help an orphan. You know who you are -- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Lori said...

I went to your coupon blog but figured you'd get this first here...Shopper's had triple coupons and we saved 41%!!! Woohoo!