Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful: November 11

Apparently I wasn't thankful yesterday. I was too busy having my own two-year-old style hissy fit about how much there is for mamas to do and how very little certain "young people" in the house are willing to help.

Alas, that was yesterday and today I'm back at laundry, so.... today (for yesterday's post), I will CHOOSE (it has to be a choice because I won't do it by instinct) to be THANKFUL that I have children who make messes, a husband who has to work late (because he has a job) and dishes that are a mess (I have food) and laundry piled up to the ceiling (we have clothes to wear and a ceiling for it to pile up to). I will choose to be thankful for tufts of dog and cat hair to vacuum because I have pets to love and I will CHOOSE to be thankful for a little one who makes messes because it means she is healthy and developing normally. I will choose to be thankful for the tween who demands that I "fix him something to eat" and "get me a drink" and "take me to church now" even when I haven't had time to even take a shower because he is still at home and still wants his mama to do things for him.

Thankfulness - it's a choice. Lord help me to remember to be thankful instead of hateful.


Corinne said...

Just what I needed to read today as I am looking at messes,dishes and laundry galore!I will stop my fit this morning and feel grateful for those blessings that requires a few chores that come along with those blessings.

Mayme said...

I have 2 teens...I can so RELATE. Ashton thinks I live to serve him. I am thankful too.....