Monday, November 2, 2009


Oh, geez, my mom is blogging again ...

I know I have been terribly slack with my blog posts. This weekend was very busy with Halloween and since "the boys" came back from Land Between the Lakes and the 6th grade field trip, I've just not seemed to find any time to blog. I'm on a mission to catch up tonight.
We started Halloween at my mom and dad's house getting pictures of the kids. The disk, however, is in Kevin's truck, so that will be a post for another time. Mom and Dad gave the kids lots of goodies (books, toys, some money in a card, you know -- cool stuff!).
After leaving there, we went to visit my Grandmother at the nursing home so she could see Josh and Ellie in their costumes. HOWEVER, after Josh got his pictures made at MeeMee and DeeDee's house, he never put his costume (that he HAD to have) back on again. *sigh* It's probably a good thing, though, because he was a gorilla and some of those folks at the nursing home might have gotten quite a scare with a gorilla roaming the halls.

Ellie was more interested in the balloon than anything else!

After we left the nursing home, we headed to our church for Trunk or Treat and Harvest Festival. On the way there, Ellie fell asleep. She slept through about a half an hour of the festivities, including the picture we took of her and her BFF, Addie.

When she woke up, she dug through her bag and got out -- PRETZELS??? Obviously, she didn't realize there was chocolate.

She soon realized the error of her ways and found a sucker and tried to eat it with the wrapper on.

She also discovered how much she like cotton candy (ah, she is her mother's child!!).
Josh didn't wear his costume here either. He did, however, go around and collect treats. We didn't see him for a while because apparently we were "too slow" for him. He met back up with us at the food/drink section and we got a picture of my two sweeties together -- it's the only one I got. I think mom got some though. I love this picture of my beautiful kids!!

We were so excited to see Ellie's friend, Kacy, at Trunk or Treat -- she was dressed as a rock star. Ellie loves Kacy!!

Ellie also loves Ms. Brittany who was a "Sparkly Tie-Dyed Fairy Kind of Girl with Pink Hair" -- seems to be an accurate description. They are both princesses who like sparkly things!

And, THIS is Elaina who is wearing the costume that Ellie was supposed to wear last year but didn't because we skipped Halloween. Isn't she adorable as an "Ellie-phant?" She's adorable everyday so this was not a special occasion!!

Josh has the best time and the best luck at the cookie crawl (think cake walk with cookies). He won EIGHT bags of cookies. And then, my sweet boy saw his teacher and her kids arrive at Trunk or Treat late and they didn't get any candy and he gave her six bags of cookies to share with her kids. I LOVE this kid!!!! Check out this silly smile and his "stash" ...

After we left Trunk or Treat, we went over to Owen Farm to go through the corn maze after dark and to enjoy time around the bonfire. It was SO cool to go through the corn maze when the moon was full. We had flashlights, but we certainly could have gotten through without one. The moon was SO bright. Then we had nice time visiting with Linda and Ty for a while. Time got away from us and it was soon 11 p.m. and we knew we needed to head home.

All in all, we had a nice time.

These photos are of Ellie in her Halloween pjs. I had forgotten to post them throughout October and need to "get them in". This seemed like a good time. She loves to pet the kitties and many times they will set there and let her. Lucy lets her a lot more than I would have ever thought.

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