Thursday, November 19, 2009


I think I've emailed a lot of you about this deal, but I just got my FREE (yes, absolutely free) Christmas cards delivered by FedEx today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Click this link and you will go to a website called Freebies 4 Mom. You'll see the link to click. You can download software and design your own photo Christmas cards (4x8) and use the promo code: freebies4mom-1109 when you check out and you will get 50 cards, envelopes and shipping for free. I ordered mine Tuesday, November 17 and got them TODAY (two days, people -- really???). They are cute, cute too. I think I like them more because they are free.

The deal ONLY RUNS THROUGH NOVEMBER 30 (it has changed several times between November 21 and November 30, so go ahead and get it in as soon as possible) so GET ON THE BALL and get yours done. We chose to forego a holiday dress theme this year and just went with pictures I liked of the two of them. I was able to squeeze 5 pix on without it looking too gaudy. (My back is hurting now or I'd go downstairs and scan one for you to see). I figure if people what to see holiday pictures of them -- check the blog. *smile*

An added bonus: if you are new to (a Fuji company), you'll get 100 free prints when you sign up so you can use those for another order. Double bonus!!

I'll warn you that sometimes the site is really busy and you might not get it to load. Just wait a bit and try back later.

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