Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful: November 15

I am thankful that Joshua's football team had such a successful year, that no one got seriously injured this year and that he had coaches that are good influences and positive role models.

This weekend their team played in a bowl game: the Ralph Spangler Bowl and came in first place. Josh had a sack in this game -- way to go, Josh. I'd be remiss, however, to not mention the block in the back call too. *sigh* Their team won 40-15. Here is the photo of the entire team after winning.

It was a good year and I'm especially thankful for all the friends we've made on this team. Stay tuned next year for what one of the Coaches are calling the "Revenge Tour 2010" where our boys make one last attempt to garner another Super Bowl ring.

Caleb, Ellie, Josh, Mickey and Scott celebrating with the trophy after the game.

I thought this was sweet -- Ellie was trying to "clean up".

And a few of Ellie at the ball field:

She doesn't care of her skirt is crooked, she just toddles along!

I liked this picture of her at the bleachers.

I'd like to say we don't see this often, but, alas, we do -- she's high maintenance when she doesn't get her way -- which, according to her, is apparently a lot.

These were of her on the next day before we left. She was in a much better mood on Sunday. Might have been due to snacks ... Girl LOVES her some snacks.

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