Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thankful: November 7

I am thankful for the fact that Kevin's new job offers health insurance.

We are quick to point out that universal health care is pointing us toward socialism. I have strong opinions against government mandated/sponsored/funded/run healthcare. I don't believe it is their place to make decisions about my healthcare.

HOWEVER, having said that, there is a crisis in the United States over healthcare. There are many people who do not have health care insurance who need health care insurance. God has opened my eyes to this first hand.

We had an option to take out Cobra when Kevin was laid off from his job. However, even with the Obama Stimulus 65% Premium Reduction, it was an expense we struggled over before deciding we were going to try to "gamble" and wait it out.

God has blessed us during this time in that we have all been relatively healthy. However, this week, Ellie has come down with something like a cold. Her nose is a little runny and she has a cough. This, in itself is not enough to worry me, but in the back of my head I'm going, "Is the cough getting deeper in her chest? Could it be the flu/H1N1?" No fever, so I'm thinking we are still ok. HOWEVER, there is the chance that before the new health insurance takes effect, she will have to make a trip to the doctor. NOW, what if we could not pay for that trip or the medicines associated with it? What if, there was a catastrophic illness in our family and we had no insurance? What if we needed really expensive medicine on an on-going basis?

We have been blessed with health insurance all our lives. We've not known what it's like to have to make choices that some people/families make on a daily basis. When I wonder why God allows things like Kevin's lay-off to occur, I can usually walk away with a reason for it. This time, God has opened my eyes to the plight of others who are unemployed, who don't have insurance, who worry about paying their bills, buying groceries, making choices of health insurance or something else. He has allowed me to be more empathetic and not quite so assuming -- assuming that there will always be health insurance for me or my family and that if we are sick we will receive medical care and not worry about it being able to pay for it. He is allowing me to understand how in my children's future hard choices might have to be made in order to simply be well. God has opened my eyes to a blessing He has provided for us that I regularly took for granted.

AND... remember the church sign I reported that said, "God's blessings are never late or short."? Well, that sign was up for a long time -- most of the time Kevin was unemployed. Today, we went by and the sign now reads, "In all things, give thanks to God." Well, there you go; it's my personal sign from God. And, yes, I did give thanks -- shouted it from the rooftops and would have gone prostrate had I not gotten the information in someone's yard while I was working. THANK YOU GOD for Kevin's job. I've told everyone who has prayed for this to take a moment and pray a prayer of thanks to The One who gives.

Yes, I am certainly now much more appreciative of health insurance.

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Cindy LaJoy said...

I am with you on this one. Health insurance is a gift that many of us struggle to maintain. We have a vryr high deductible policy but it might one day save us from financial ruin. While "socialized medicine" may not be everyone's preferred option, we are at a stage where the average middle class family can no longer afford to pay for their health insurance, and the best medical care in the world is useless if one can not access it or pay for it. Will this latest plan be a solution? Who knows but widening the pool of insured people by mandate it necessary along with keeping companies from declining coverage due to pre-existing conditions might be a good start. Time will tell. So glad to hear the job search ended rather quickly and that you all are going to be OK!