Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My friend Susan said I had to post this so I could remember it in years to come (she knows the memory malady I suffer from) and rub it in to Josh's wife and kids.

So, here goes: tonight we were on our way to take Josh's friend Braiden home. He and Ellie were in the back seat just minding their business. Josh was doing homework in the front and I was (surprise) talking on the phone to my mom.

Out of the blue, Josh yells to Ellie to, "STOP IT, ELLIE" and jerks around in his seat. I put the phone down and ask what she was doing to him and he replies .... "She is breathing too loud." UGH. She's congested, PUH LEASE!!! Now, my mom was on the phone and heard the reaming I gave him (and promptly told me I should talk nicer to him *smile*). Braiden even commented, "What do you want her to do?" Josh said, "STOP". Braiden's reponse was classic, "Breathing??"

Alas. He has lost computer time for an undetermined amount of time for his continued hateful attitude toward others. . I hear it will only get worse. We need to have some serious conversations about the fruits of the spirit. Of course, I will have to pluck the plank out of my eye so I can see the thorn in his. Lord, either prop me up with 2x4s or forgive me if I just give up now.

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Hilary Marquis said...

Hang in there, Mommy! I can hardly wait for those preteen years...this is challenging enough without adding hormones to the mix.