Sunday, November 22, 2009

Josh's Sleepover

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life as I think I did last night watching Josh's friends at his sleepover.

We were supposed to be having his birthday party/sleepover, but after hearing that Josh had only had an hour's worth of sleep while at Mickey's sleepover, we decided it would be best to postpone until the weekend of December 11. Kevin is going to try to see if we can use the church's gym and let them play basketball and have pizza there.

However, since many of the parents had already made plans, we ended up with 4 of the 5 still coming over. We decided it would just be called a sleepover at that point.

So, all the way home I laughed at them talking about their "girlfriends" and music and the basketball game they just had. My mom was outside when we stopped by and she said she heard their music when we turned in at the corner.

THEN, we got home and Kevin suggested (facetiously) that they get out Josh's Dance Dance Revolution. NOW ... Josh, I don't think, has ever played with it since we got it two Christmases ago. We were surprised when they all said they wanted to play. Hmmmm... didn't expect that from boys. So, we got it out and got it set up and I laughed and laughed and laughed at them. Photos just cannot do the experience justice. Anyone who's ever had a 12 year old boy knows that if there is a dance -- they don't. Apparently dancing for boys isn't cool. I know why now. But, in their defense, they had a great (and gassy) time. After it was over, I passed out Gas-x to several boys. Ellie had SO much fun with the boys that she almost had a breakdown at 10:30 when we made her go to bed.

The boys did well and all passed out relatively early (before midnight) and slept until 8 this morning. I consider that FANTASTIC. They are currently down at Tommy's house down the road and I've got a few seconds of peace and quiet until they return for more laughter!

The last I heard was a phrase from Zach, "Yeah, we learned how to do it on YouTube", referring to mixing baking soda and vinegar in a bottle. *sigh*

Zach and Braiden playing Guitar Hero:

Josh and Tommy (being cool) watching GI Joe on the computer:

And then the DDR started ...

It took three of them to get it set up...

I told Tommy I was going to post this picture on Facebook on his "girlfriend's" page telling her that Tommy was cuddled up on the couch with a younger woman (ha!).
Ellie has always had a "thing" for Zach. Look at her giggling!!
Then the DDR got wild.
Look at these moves!!
And the more movement came about, the more, um, smells, came about ...
These boys had some MOVES going ...

This is Braiden "shaking his booty"
So... what do you think about that??
Yes, Jarret DID dance, but he hates to have his picture made, so we didn't get too many of him. In fact, he WON round one.

Finally, after realizing they weren't very good on their own, they decided to tackle it as a team ...
Even that was a lot of work, so they just sat down and used their hands.

The results, unfortunately, were still the same - check out the screen:

It was a LOT of fun though!!

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